Exclusive New Backward -Compatible Hybrid Technology

Demonstrating LiteTouch's Commitment to Original System Owners

Salt Lake City, Utah (September 14, 2009) - Today, LiteTouch, a leading lighting control system manufacturer for three decades, launched an "Upgrade Your LiteTouch" campaign aimed at educating the thousands of LiteTouch system owners around the world how they can "get more" out of their LiteTouch Lighting Control System.

The LiteTouch Upgrade Program promises all LiteTouch System Owners the opportunity to add the latest features and technologies to the system they have installed either in their home or commercial property, even if the system is 20+ years old.

"It is so rewarding to stand behind our customers in such a unique way," states Angela Larson, LiteTouch Vice President of Sales & Marketing. "We design all LiteTouch systems to be Backward -Compatible - that means that whether the system owner simply wants to upgrade the style of their keypads or wants to go as far as adding loads to the system that were not previously wired to the system - we can provide a solution without the hassle of extensive rewiring."

One central component of LiteTouch's Upgrade Campaign is LiteTouch's exclusive new Hybrid Technology. Upgrade paths include replacing your CCU with the latest technology from LiteTouch - FIVEk CCU, and upgrading your keypad style to freshen the look of your home.

The new "Upgrade Your LiteTouch" campaign reinforces LiteTouch's core values of unwavering commitment to current system owners. Only LiteTouch delivers:

- - Backward Compatible System Design - LiteTouch is the only lighting control company that designs systems to be fully upgradeable, so that a LiteTouch system is never obsolete and customers always have access to the latest technology.

- - Maintenance Loyalty - LiteTouch is the only lighting control company that can support every system ever manufactured, including the very first system installed in 1979.

- - Unmatched Product Assurance - LiteTouch has the only LifeTime Limited Warranty in the lighting control industry, covering the LiteTouch system for the life of the home.

"This customer commitment is increasingly compelling in today's economic environment with buyers carefully weighing their options for long -term investments, such as lighting control and automation technology," says Larson.

The "Upgrade Your LiteTouch" campaign will be released through out LiteTouch Representatives and includes promotional brochures, direct mail and field sales by LiteTouch Authorized Dealers and Installers, a highly trained service and installation network.

Information about upgrading a LiteTouch system is available online at LiteTouch.com/HybridUpgradeProgram


About LiteTouch, Inc
LiteTouch lighting control products offer real -world benefits, including convenience, security, time -savings, safety, energy conservation, design aesthetics and fun. "Experience Lighting Control", an online tour detailing many of these benefits, is available at LiteTouch.com.

LiteTouch, a lighting control industry leader for more than two decades, is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. LiteTouch's products are available through an extensive network of Representatives, Authorized Dealers and Distributors.

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