VidaBox Announces Partnership w. Get Digital, Inc.: Dealers Can Offer Servers Pre -loaded with Clients' Purchased Digital Content

VidaBox LLC, a manufacturer of Blu-ray, DVD, and audio servers announces a partnership with Get Digital, Inc. Dealers can now offer VidaBox servers preloaded with a customers' media collection by utilizing Get Digital's archiving services.

Garden City Park, NY - June 1st - VidaBox LLC, a leading manufacturer of Blu -ray, DVD, and audio server hardware is proud to announce their partnership with Get Digital, Inc., a service provider for encoding disc -based media libraries into computer file formats. Dealers wishing to offer VidaBox servers preloaded with a customers' media collection can now utilize Get Digital's archiving services, saving tremendous time and labor, while offering a complete, superior end product.

"Based on dealer feedback, one of the biggest challenges in media server installations may sometimes be having their clients load all of their purchased discs," says Steven Cheung, President of VidaBox, LLC. "For example, customers with large music CD collections can take several days, or even weeks, of non -stop archiving for everything to be loaded onto the server. Afterwards, there are inevitably some metadata inaccuracies or missing cover art that need to be addressed, making it a very labor intensive process. Get Digital's services take care of all that, allowing dealers to offer their clients a server with preloaded content that is ready to enjoy right away."

Installers can send their customers' entire disc collections to Get Digital, who will digitally encode and "groom" the content, assuring perfect metadata accuracy for all of the discs. VidaBox will coordinate the integrator's server order with Get Digital, so that their client will receive a system with all of their content preloaded and ready to enjoy at the end. As an added bonus, integrators will receive a referral fee for every conversion project.

"Get Digital is pleased to partner with VidaBox and provide dealers with a simple way to load content to their servers," stated Doug Strachota, co -founder of Get Digital, Inc. VidaBox has been a pioneer in integrating the best solutions for Media Center systems, combining movies, music, TV, and more into one simple interface. Get Digital extends the simplicity of these servers by quickly loading entire media libraries for secure storage, minimizing any setup or installation time, and maximizing the value VidaBox systems provide."

Get Digital's encoding and archiving services are available now. For details on Get Digital's services and offerings, please visit their website at, or call 317 -567 -5065. For information on the VidaBox line of digital entertainment and control hardware solutions, please visit the company website at, or call 516 -730 -7500.

About Get Digital , Inc.

Founded in 2003, Get Digital, Inc. provides fast, cost effective, easy -to -use solutions for converting CD & disc collections to computer files formats such as MP3, WMA, & more. Using today's most sophisticated electronic equipment, Get Digital has developed a Patent Pending process & incorporated a proprietary database to provide the most efficient & accurate conversion solutions. Get Digital's expertise stems from years of experience helping to pioneer MP3 products working with companies such as Thomson (RCA), Texas Instruments, and Escient. A dedicated software development team supports Get Digital with expertise in digital media devices, application development, and database management.

About VidaBox LLC

VidaBox LLC is a digital entertainment and controls solutions company focused on manufacturing premium media centers, audio servers, and integrated home control & automation solutions. VidaBox is on a mission to create user -friendly, stable, high -performance Media Center systems that work right out of the box and integrate seamlessly with multizone audio and smart home technologies. For more information, visit or call 1 -516 -730 -7500.

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