HDMI high performance home entertainment solutions from Smart -e

UK AV distribution company Smart-e is showcasing upgrades to smartmix, its high performance HDMI solution for home entertainment systems at the Home Technology Event 2010.

UK AV distribution company Smart -e is showcasing upgrades to smartmix, its high performance HDMI solution for home entertainment systems at the Home Technology Event 2010.

smartmix is HDCP compliant and provides a flexible and extremely cost -effective home entertainment solution which, uniquely, mixes analogue and digital signals together with local and remote connections within one unit. New additions for 2010 include: optional IP control through smartiP, providing comprehensive system management and configuration through a web browser interface; larger size 16 input x 16 output unit; modular option allowing systems to be configured providing more flexibility; and the ability to upgrade on -site.

- Combines switching and distribution of analogue and HDMI signals
- Single CAT* cable to each display reduces clutter
- Transmits HD compatible signals (1080p) up to 200m limiting the need for additional costly equipment
- HDMI source selection to any of the HDMI displays
- Analogue signals can be selected to any HDMI screen
- Low energy requirements
- Accommodates legacy equipment
- Optional IP control via built -in smartiP software provides remote
management and configuration through a PC
- Modular design enables system to be configured for specific projects
- Upgradeable on -site
- HDCP compliant
- Wide variation of sizes and input -to -output combinations

Optional IP control: smartiP has a dedicated CPU on Linux Operating system which limits impact on the matrix whilst maximising efficiency and speed, providing a stable and reliable platform.

smartmix can handle up to 16 source devices (variable local and remote options) and transmit to up to 16 displays. Analogue and HDMI signals are all received and transmitted through CAT* cabling. It transmits HD compatible signals (up to 1080p resolutions), supports digital audio S/P DIF, and features an IR control passthrough.

Due to its flexible features and cost -effectiveness, smartmix has gained wide appeal for driving home entertainment solutions.

Smart -e has been designing and manufacturing UK home entertainment solutions for over 10 years, and offers a high level of support.

* CAT* refers to Category 5, 5e, 6, 7 and 8 structured cabling

For further information visit www.smart -e.co.uk or tel: +44 (0) 1306 628264.


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