Audio One Launches New Custom In -Wall and In -Ceiling Speaker Line

Frangioni systems speaker line will fill the mid-range price gap and provide custom electronic professionals a superb product.

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Frangioni systems speaker line will fill the mid -range price gap and provide custom electronic professionals a superb product.

Miami, FL - May 24, 2010 - David Frangioni, professional musician and founder of Audio One launched his own personal line of in -wall and in -ceiling speakers specifically designed for the distributed audio market. Seeing the large void of mid -range priced speakers with great sound, Frangioni was inspired to create Frangioni Systems Speakers.

"I decided to make my own speakers because I just couldn't find a distributed audio in -wall or in -ceiling speakers that sounded great in the mid -price range," says Frangioni. "There were numerous choices at the low and high points of the market, but not in the middle.

With extensive expertise in A/V technology and recording, Frangioni designed a high -performance, musical -sounding speaker that can play loud without distortion. These speakers have high sensitivity, making them perfect for multi -room systems. With broad off -axis dispersion ( -6 dB at 45 degrees), these speakers will easily fill a room without hot spots or drop -outs. Also, all exposed components are weather resistant and therefore can be placed in high humidity areas, like kitchens, bathrooms, and protected outdoor settings.

According to Frangioni, these speakers sound excellent at all listening volumes and have incredible imaging detail with accurate bass response. He strongly believes these are the most important qualities you need when playing back audio as background music or in small -to -medium sized theaters.

"These speakers are amazing," says a client of Audio One and homeowner of a 20 million dollar estate in Hillsboro Beach, FL. "They literally make my audio system come alive. I love the way they look in the ceiling, unlike any speaker I've ever seen, the finish is impressive. I'm thrilled for David and the Frangioni Systems brand."

"These speakers reinforce my commitment to personalizing the audio experience that my clients expect from Audio One," stated Frangioni. "They represent that next level of 'custom' sound and, for now, are only available from Audio One."

Performance Inset Grill Speakers
In -Wall Speakers
• An Aluminum frame and 1" sheet of medium density fiberboard combined for true sonic fidelity
• Deeper bass and improved mid -range clarity
• Audiophile silk dome tweeter
• Broad dispersion drive unit spreads sound evenly throughout the room
• Anodized aluminum bass unit for reduced distortion and tighter bass

Aluminum Frame Speakers
In -Ceiling Speakers
• Aluminum frame bonded to a ½ -inch closed cell foam damping layer - creates a rigid structure for the drive elements
• Dramatically increased sonic impact
• Audiophile silk demo tweeter
• Broad dispersion drive unit spreads sound evenly throughout the room
• The speakers cast a minimal shadow, looking almost flush to the ceiling

The in -ceiling speakers cost $1200 for a pair and the in -wall speakers cost $950 each.

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