AL460A HD FIFO Modules, Here and Now!

AverLogic Development Tools for AL460 HD FIFO - 4.8 Gbps Module boards with HSMC interface for Altera's Cyclone III FPGA Starter kit - Plus HD Visual Digitizer Reference Design

(Taipei, May 5th, 2010) AverLogic Technology Corporation, professional Audio/Video Solutions provider, introduces the highly anticipated AL460A HD -FIFO Modules. These modules are used to facilitate development of products using the AL460A HD -FIFO IC chips, which are used in HD Video applications as important memory buffering technology. These modules are also used to validate and benchmark the AL460A chip functionality and performance.

These modules allow a maximum 4.8 Gbps data throughput and are designed with Dual Embedded AL460A -7 -PBF (or AL460A -13 -PBF) chips to demonstrate the full potential of HD -FIFO technology. Dual chips, working in parallel, can turn over very dense HD Video data efficiently by expanding the bus width to 32 -bits, while running at a maximum clock rate of 150 MHz. Control signals and data bus signals on the module are clearly demarcated on two 50 -pin connectors; one connector is reserved for write controls and the input data bus; the other connector is for read controls and the output data bus.
The AL460A IC chips are designed with a straightforward bus interface, reducing implementation and debugging efforts, and helping customers develop faster and more efficiently. This board is especially designed and optimized to be easily integrated as an add -on module on existing systems, significantly reducing interface engineering issues commonly found in retrofit efforts. All of these advantages allow designers the luxury of being able to focus on core product functionality and quality. In short, customers benefit from simplification of design, reduction in development time, savings on development costs, and hastening of time -to -market.

AL460A HD -FIFO Module interface for Altera's Cyclone III FPGA Starter Kit
An HSMC Adaptor board with a standard HSMC interface can be connected to the AL460A module via the two 50 -pin connectors; this Adaptor Board can then be attached directly to an Altera Cyclone III FPGA development board, one of the most popular tools available for validating and benchmarking chipsets. Find out more about the Altera Cyclone III FPGA starter kit by visiting the Altera web site for details.

HD -FIFO Reference Design - HD Visual Digitizer Reference Design using AL460A HD -FIFO
The AL460A HD -FIFO HD Visual Digitizer reference design is a comprehensive design package for using AL460 HD -FIFO technology to convert HD video for VGA output to LCD monitors or TV displays. The HD Visual Digitizer reference design allows companies to step right into a mature design, providing a polished platform for companies to finalize a finished product design in a significantly short timeframe.
The design criteria includes full OSD capabilities and the core logic is based on AverLogic's powerful AL460A full HD -FIFO and FPGA technology; together with a 3.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor, superb picture quality and video processing performance are all but guaranteed.

* Low vision aids
* 3D projector for classroom
* Electronic magnifier
* Industrial inspection equipment
* Assembly line QA examination
* Video surveillance

About AverLogic Technologies, Corp.
Established in 1996, AverLogic Technologies is a fabless semiconductor company with headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan and branch offices in California (USA) and ShenZhen City (PRC). The company specializes in high -performance, application -specific memory and video processing circuits. Current products include a wide array of video frame buffers, format converters and highly integrated video processors. More recently, the company has added video decoders, DVR video controllers, and an MPEG4 encoder to its lineup of video solutions. AverLogic has been publicly listed on the Taiwan OTC Stock Exchange since 2002 (TOSE: 6198). You can visit for additional information and product offerings.

Press Contacts:
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AverLogic Technologies, Corp.
+1 415 -402 -0230 (USA)

Shine Tsai
AverLogic Technologies, Corp.
+886 2 8752 -3988 ext.128 (Taiwan)

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