Pre -show workshops at CONNECTIONS™ focus on business strategies for residential energy management, digital media, and connected CE

Complimentary webcast previews CONNECTIONS™, analyzes service provider strategies

Parks Associates will host two pre -show workshops on June 8, presenting research and analysis on digital lifestyle solutions and residential energy management prior to CONNECTIONS™: The Digital Living Conference & Showcase, the premier event for digital living technologies and solutions.

The workshops, "Monetizing the Digital Lifestyle" and "Residential Energy Management: Home Area Networks & The Consumer," will feature Parks Associates' analysts and information from recent consumer projects, including Digital Media Evolution II and Residential Energy Management. They will precede the CONNECTIONS™ opening sessions, including the opening keynote by Mitch Singer, CTO, Sony Pictures Entertainment; President, DECE.

Parks Associates will provide a preview of CONNECTIONS™ topics during the complimentary Webcast "The Connected Home and the Service Provider" on May 13.

"With broadband reaching 575 million households worldwide, companies need to look in -depth at what is possible with the connections running to and throughout the home," said Tricia Parks, CEO, Parks Associates. "Our workshops will set the stage for CONNECTIONS™ with an abundance of consumer data and expert analysis on the key issues affecting these markets. Thanks to the support of our sponsors, we are previewing these topics at our May 13 Webcast."

"Monetizing the Digital Lifestyle" provides insight into key technology trends driven by the proliferation of connected CE and digital media, which is altering business models for retailers, service and content providers, and manufacturers. Parks Associates' analysts will present forecasts, consumer research, and business strategies in the following sessions:

· Monetizing Access Services
· Enhancing Broadband Services: Connected Home and Customer Support
· Online Video: Key Technology and Monetization Trends
· Multiplatform Advertising
· The Connected TV: Devices, Content, and Strategies
· Mobile Internet Devices

"Residential Energy Management: Home Area Networks & The Consumer" highlights the latest developments and forecasts for REM and smart grid solutions. Parks Associates' home systems analysts will analyze efforts to develop HAN standards as well as recent controversies with smart meter deployments. Sessions:

· Home Area Networks: Market Dynamics
· The Consumer Mindset
· Market Forecasts
· Business Models - Alternative Viewpoints

"The Connected Home and the Service Provider" webcast will address the challenges for service providers in aligning their broadband, communications, and video strategies with consumer demand. The webcast is complimentary thanks to the support of CONNECTIONS™ Sponsors.

CONNECTIONS™ sponsors include ActiveVideo Networks, Allegro, Cisco, Gigle Networks, IBM, Intel, iTOK, PacketVideo, RedMere, Rovi, and Roxio.

Supporting organizations include ADMIN, ATIS, CABA, CEDIA,, Circle F Media, Electronics Technicians Association, EMA's GamePlan Summit, ETSI, Experiential Marketing Forum, HomePlug Powerline Alliance, HomePNA, IDMA, JETRO, MoCA, MPEG Industry Forum, SIP Center, Wi -Fi Alliance, Wi -Fi Technology Forum, Wireless Industry Partnership, and WITI.

Platinum supporting media are Connected Planet, Digital Media Wire, and Home Toys. Supporting media are BoogarLists, Conference Guru, Connect -World, FierceIPTV, FierceMobileContent, FierceOnlineVideo, FierceWireless:Europe, Gadget -t, Global Electronics & Electrical Appliances, HiddenWires, Home Media Magazine, IPTV Industry, OSP, Residential Systems, Screen Digest,, VentureBeat, and WiMAX Industry.
For more information, visit or contact, 972 -490 -1113.


CONNECTIONS™: The Digital Living Conference and Showcase, hosted by leading research firm Parks Associates with support from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) ®, is the premier executive event focused on the market developments and growth factors for advanced digital lifestyle solutions.

This unique research -driven executive conference and showcase delivers insight and recommendations for new business models and opportunities in digital media/content, connected consumer electronics, broadband and value -added services, and home systems.

Media Contact:
Mindi Sue Sternblitz -Rubenstein
Parks Associates
972 -490 -1113

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