Under the Bed TV Lift Designed for Space Saving Convenience

Space-saving device hides, slides, raises and swivels a bedroom television to any desired viewing position within seconds, with just a push of a button.

Over the years there have been many innovative ways to hide televisions. To save space, and keep them from detracting from room design or ambiance, TVs have emerged from behind a painting, risen from an armoire or flipped down from a ceiling.

Now there's a new way to hide a TV, one which is uniquely suited to the ambiance of a bedroom. Responding to commands from a simple remote, it causes a television to rise with a quiet purr from beneath the bed, transporting it to a pre -set ideal viewing position, and in seconds places a TV at the foot of the bed.

Interestingly, this idea was born - - but squirreled away patiently - - 35 years ago, when televisions were still big clunkers and their obtrusiveness had not yet been tackled by streamlining them into sleek, flat, thin boxes. However, once high -definition LCD, LED and plasma TV had become commonplace, this old technology resurfaced. Why? Because bedrooms need to be as harmonious and uncluttered as possible, especially where window views and a sense of spaciousness really matter.

"The entire world of TV has gotten thinner," says Virgil Walker, a leading innovator in the field of television lifts, and CEO and Founder of 55 -year -old Auton Motorized Systems, located in Valencia, Calif. "That's because people value their space. They don't want their space cluttered or consumed by objects. Consumers are always looking for more space in their homes as well as in the bedroom. They want more floor space, more counter space, more wall space, and unobstructed window views."

Auton's solution was the Dream Machine. This new type of TV lift fits under the bed frame, requires absolutely no assembly or modification to the unit, and no construction or attachment of any kind. The Dream Machine operates from a wireless remote, allowing the user to slide the television from under the bed and raise it to the ideal viewing position effortlessly and quietly within seconds. From that position, the TV can swivel 360 degrees (180 degrees in each direction) allowing it to be viewed from anywhere in the room. Another simple click returns it to its original hidden position under the bed.

The Dream Machine is ideal for high -end homeowners, luxury hotels and suites, as well as for yachts and other locations where making a grand impression is just as important as saving space. Architects and designers will find it an ideal solution for situations where they want to accentuate an unobstructed majestic view.

"Interior designers need to utilize space without a cabinet that can take up too much room," Walker says. "Often a wall mounted TV tends to become an unwanted focal point of a bedroom. It can detract from inside ambiance or window views of outside scenery. Even when it looks decorative, there's still a sacrifice of wall space. With the Dream Machine there's no need to sacrifice existing walls to a television. It gives designers all the space they need."

Homeowners enjoy what Walker calls the "wow factor," but it is the attentiveness to bedroom dynamics that may be most important. Aside from space issues, a TV placed across the room on a nightstand or dresser can be an eyestrain. But with a lift capacity of up to 120 pounds, the Dream Machine puts a large size flat -screen as close as the user will ever need.

"This is definitely the next generation of television convenience," says Walker. "You just slide it under the bed on its polyurethane wheels. You don't need to do anything else. You just plug it into an outlet, and everything else is automatic."

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