A+V Link brings State -o' -Art Ethernet/Power -Line AV Streaming to Hong Kong Electronics Fair

A+V Link Technologies, a Video and Audio Streaming solutions provider is coming to the Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2010 to show off extraordinary and highly marketable Audio/Video streaming applications.

A+V Link specializes in various streaming technologies to deliver Audio, Video, Ethernet and KVM (Keyboard -VGA -Mouse) signals over existing Power Lines and Ethernet Lines. This year's show will feature:

* HD Video and Audio streaming over Power -lines
* Remote KVM (Keyboard -VGA -Mouse)
* High Definition Video Recorder
* High Definition Video Converter
* H.264 IP Network Video Server

HD Video and Audio streaming over Power -lines - Cost effective Home HD Streaming
A+V Link's PowerHDLink product delivers H.264 HD video from your HD Video equipment over Power Lines to any location in your home. The PowerMusicLink product conveniently delivers Ethernet signals and Audio, also over Power Lines. Both products are easy to setup, reliable and especially cost -effective.

Remote KVM (Keyboard -VGA Monitor -Mouse) - Saves institutions time and money
The PowerKVMLink product uses the LAN to allow institutions to separate users from the PC, leaving them with only a remote Keyboard, VGA Monitor and Mouse. This centralizes the PCs, making them easily accessible to MIS for repairs and upgrades. In addition, the PowerKVMLink helps to prevent virus infiltration, component theft and property destruction. It is perfect for Kiosks, Museums and other public access PC applications.

High Definition Video Recorder - See Video, Record Video
The HDTV Recorder can record any video (digital or analog) received over an HDMI, YPbPr, YCbCr or CVBS connection. This video data can be conveniently saved onto an HDD or USB Flash drive where it can be viewed by PCs or media players that can display H.264 video format. In addition, this product can deliver video to PCs and Notebooks over the Ethernet.

High Definition Video Converter - Video hub manages video from all your equipment
The HDTV Video Converter can centralize video from all of your video equipment and display them onto your HDMI TV Display. This product contains a versatile array of digital and analog connections, including HDMI, DVI, VGA, YPbPr, YCbCr, S -Video, and CVBS. You can easily switch between all your video options smoothly and without ever hassling with wiring connections.

H.264 IP Network Video Server - Practical, high quality video solutions for IP Video Streaming
The NVS6000 IP network video server efficiently delivers high quality video over the Ethernet, using H.264 compression technology. This product can be used in Video Cameras, Set -Top boxes and DVD Players (etc.) to deliver excellent quality video onto a LAN where it can be viewed by a PC, using an internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer).

A+V Link at Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2010
Come see us at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair with all of your Video/Audio Streaming inquiries:
Hong Kong Electronics Fair - April 13 -16, 2010
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
A+V Link at Hall 3C, booth 3CA37

You can visit us at www.aplusvlink.com for additional information and product offerings.

Press Contacts and Fair Meeting Arrangements:
Gloria Chou
A+V Link Technologies, Corp.
+886 2 87523738 (Taiwan)

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