Meridian's Award -Winning Sooloos 2.1 Interface is Now Available

Meridian just released the Meridian Sooloos 2.1 software suite, winner of the 2010 CES Innovation Award.

March 18, 2010 -New York, NY -Meridian announces the release of the Meridian Sooloos 2.1 software suite, winner of the 2010 CES Innovation Award. Offering a series of interface enhancements, the Meridian Sooloos Digital Media System is now even easier to use and provides the user with yet more ways to organize their growing digital media collection. Meridian Sooloos 2.1 offers music discovery, system -configuration, third -party control and interface features.

Sooloos 2.1 offers several key features - especially important for installers such as improved Crestron experience, a dedicated iPhone application, continued interface enhancements, streamlined system configuration options, and zone -link synchronization. In addition, the integration of Rhapsody and Internet Radio services bring exciting possibilities to enhance the user's experience and expand libraries.

Crestron Module
The Meridian Sooloos Crestron module builds upon existing capabilities by delivering a faster, more robust protocol. The Crestron update offers improved programmer experiences, including support and distribution by Crestron, allowing programmers to integrate Meridian Sooloos with ease.

Ensemble upgrades
A major software upgrade for the Meridian Sooloos Ensemble means it is no longer limited in its expansion and backup options. It can be configured with its internal drive active and for manual backup, or it can address Meridian Sooloos TwinStores, enabling automatic backup and unlimited expansion. This upgrade streamlines the Meridian Sooloos product line, allowing the Ensemble to serve as a cornerstone in tailored systems that meet many customers' needs - whole -home listeners, music fans that want the ultimate experience from their music, enthusiasts with huge collections and audiophiles looking for pristine performance. Current Ensemble owners will also be able to take advantage of these upgrades.

Synchronized Zone Linking
Meridian Sooloos Synchronized Zone Linking enables synchronized multi -room audio over a user's network. Zone Linking Synchronization between devices enables the creation of networked audio systems over Ethernet, even with multiple Control 10s, without using a complicated audio distribution system to link audio in different rooms.

iPhone Application
The Meridian Sooloos iPhone application gives handheld wireless control of the system from anywhere in the home; users simply need to download the Meridian Sooloos iPhone application from the Apple store and install it on their iPhone or iPod touch.

Interface enhancements
New interface enhancements continue Meridian's commitment to provide an industry -leading user experience. The Enhanced Browsing mode creates a cleaner, more elegant approach to browsing and displaying the library. New sorting features can organize a user's view of their collection according to how often they listen to albums, as well as sorting by audio quality.

With Meridian Sooloos Rhapsody integration, albums from the Rhapsody collection can be added to a user's Cover Browser and then used as if they are stored locally, with all the speed, elegance and power of the Meridian Sooloos interface. All Meridian Sooloos functions (Swim, Focus, Search, etc.) can be performed on Rhapsody music that has been added to the user's Cover Browser, giving a much greater sense that the user "owns" the music being streamed to the system. There is no limit to the number of Rhapsody albums the user can add to their collection -delivering users enormous possibilities to grow their libraries. Meridian customers both new and existing will receive a free six -month membership for Rhapsody services.

Internet Radio
Internet Radio on Meridian Sooloos makes discovering the world of music on the internet more manageable. By "curating" the station offering, Meridian Sooloos Internet Radio offers customers the ability to easily explore the enormous opportunities of internet radio.

Meridian Sooloos creates a centralized, shared source of music for everyone in the home with an architecture that takes away the worry and hassle of backup, organization and access for the entire family. Meridian's continued effort to evolve and refine the Sooloos interface is simply unrivalled; no other consumer electronics company devotes the ongoing attention and effort to improving the user experience.

Meridian Sooloos 2.1 is now available as a free upgrade to current Meridian
Sooloos owners.

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