Marmitek succeeds again!

The first in Europe to have a digital video transmitter with ingenious WiVi technology

EINDHOVEN - Last year, Marmitek - specialist in the area of audio/video transfer and connectivity - was the first to introduce 'Wireless HDMI'. Today, Marmitek is further proving itself as an innovative player with a digital audio/video transmitter for A/V equipment which is not equipped with HDMI. The GigaView745 transmits the signal wirelessly and digitally from your A/V equipment to any other room in your house without any loss of quality.

Wireless surpasses cable quality
Cables are often chosen as a more secure and better quality option. We are now daring to suggest, however, that image and sound is of a better quality after wireless transmission with the GigaView745 than with the best A/V cable, used over the same distance.

The GigaView745 is the perfect solution if the distance between A/V source and the TV cannot be bridged using a cable because, for example, no wiring is installed (e.g. no antenna connection near the TV to connect your set -top box) or the cables cannot be hidden:
- TV and A/V source are far away from each other (in the same or in another room)
- Watch satellite or digital TV in the bedroom (copy of channel TV1 )
If you have 1 set -top box and want to watch digital television on a 2nd TV as well then all you need to do is connect the GigaView745 to the set -top box.
You can then watch television on TV1 or on TV2. You can also watch on both TVs simultaneously but it has to be the same channel.
- Watch satellite or digital TV in the bedroom (own channel)
You would like to watch a channel on TV2 that differs from that on TV1.
This is also possible but requires a set -top box with a double tuner or 2 set -top boxes.

Numerous sources
The GigaView745 is suitable for every A/V device that has a SCART, Composite or S -VIDEO output, including DVD players, satellite receivers, decoders, set -top boxes or HDD recorders. Would you like to transmit the signal from numerous sources to your (second) TV? This is not a problem in combination with Marmitek's Connect236 switcher.

Unique WiVi digital transmission technology and improved antenna technology
Marmitek GigaView745 transmits the signal using innovative WiVi technology. This technology transmits your audio/video signal wirelessly, securely and without any interference. The digital signal crosses a distance of up to 100 metres free field and up to 30 metres through walls and ceilings without any loss of quality. Improved antenna technology means that there is no need to set antennae.

Price and availability
The Marmitek GigaView745 has a recommended retail price of € 299/ GBP279 incl. VAT and is available immediately.

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