The Solution To Five Major Digital Signage Dilemmas Is Introduced With the SF -100e, Eco -Series Player From Noventri

Noventri recently identified five major dilemmas that plagued the digital signage industry with its controversial "off-white" paper. Now Noventri announces the solution - the SF-100e, the first in the new Eco-Series line of digital signage players.

Readers were perplexed, frustrated or downright annoyed by the truths revealed in an "off -white" paper that was recently published by Noventri. The paper, titled Don't Be Duped - The Truth Behind Digital Signage, outlined five basic dilemmas that plague the digital signage industry and purported that the truth must be told. Now Noventri has provided the solutions to these dilemmas - the Eco -Series line of digital signage players and software.

The SF -100e, the first of the Eco -Series players, is a non -PC based, enterprise -level digital signage player designed and manufactured in the United States exclusively by Noventri. The SF -100e players are unconventional in that they offer the ability to streamline the installation process, get users up and running easily and efficiently with minimal acquisition investment. The SF -100e, offers some of the following features to its users:

Low Cost - $499.00. No additional costs for software or hardware.
Small Footprint - measures a petite 5.35" x 4.4" x 1" and weighs only half a pound.
FREE Software - Free downloadable Noventri Designer and Noventri Manager are available at: Noventri Designer can be used with or without the SF -100e. This software is all that is needed to create superb high -resolution digital signage content. No SaaS or licensing fees.
Easy to Install - Save on installation fees. Simply open the box, plug and play! SF -100e is Sneakernet capable.
Easy to Maintain - Solid state, no moving parts, no virus worries, no need to reboot.
Extremely Energy Efficient & "Green" - uses less than four (4) watts. That's less than a child's nightlight. Also, for each player purchased, Noventri will plant a tree in the customer's name through the Arbor Day Foundation.

"We have always strived to listen to our customers and by doing so we have engineered and manufactured a digital signage product that resounds the customer's requests," says Andrew Hoffman, VP at Noventri. "With a lightweight form that fits in your palm, the SF -100e is powerful enough to provide users with automated management and scheduling features as well as native resolutions and aspect ratios up to 1920x1200."

For information contact Judy L. Hoffman at: or call 301 -790 -0103.
Noventri - a Division of Specialized Communications Corp. (est. 1985) - Noventri has been a leader in manufacturing, sales, service, installation, content creation and management digital signage since 1999 and has served such names as: Marriott, Sheraton, Java City, Aramark, Houston Astro's Minute Maid Park, Orioles Camden Yards, DC's The Newseum and Charles Town Races and Slots. Noventri is located at: 20940 Twin Springs Dr., Smithsburg, MD 21783 -1510. URL:

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