Icron Collaboration with STMicroelectronics Yields Industry's First "USB over DisplayPort" Technology Demonstration

Developed in cooperation with STMicroelectronics, the demo utilizes Icron's LionsGate ASIC, featuring ExtremeUSB® and transports native DisplayPort 1.1a and high-bandwidth USB 2.0 over a single standard DisplayPort cable, at a distance of 15 meters.

Shown at CES 2010, USB 2.0 over DisplayPort 1.1a Enables New Features while Reducing Cable Clutter, Complexity and Cost

Burnaby, BC - January 6, 2010 - Icron Technologies (TSX Venture: IT), leading providers of ExtremeUSB® USB extension solutions, announced it will be showing the industry's first "USB over DisplayPort" technology demonstration at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics showcase in Las Vegas, January 7th - 10th. Developed in cooperation with STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), the demonstration utilizes Icron's LionsGate ASIC, featuring ExtremeUSB® and transports native DisplayPort 1.1a and high -bandwidth USB 2.0 over a single standard DisplayPort cable, at a distance of 15 meters. Consisting of a PC and monitor with High Definition video and USB peripheral I/O functionality: mouse, keyboard, webcam, speakers, flash drive and other USB devices plugged directly into the monitor; the technology demonstration reflects how the desktop of the future will have less cable clutter and reduced cost. The demonstration will be shown at the VESA booth, LVCC South Hall 1, Booth #20544.

"Since ST's early involvement in the development of the DisplayPort specification, we have envisioned the synergy of USB command -and -control functioning alongside DisplayPort," said Alan Kobayashi, Director of DisplayPort Solutions of STMicroelectronics's TV and Monitor Division. "This effort between Icron and ST shows the industry the benefits and new features made possible by this technology collaboration."

"Icron's USB over DisplayPort technology adds new capabilities to the DisplayPort ecosystem," said Bill Lempesis, Executive Director, VESA. "By combining USB with high -definition video over a single standard DisplayPort cable, monitors will have the ability to integrate USB device functionality, as well as allowing wired USB devices to plug directly into the monitor without the need for a web of cables."

"Today, with both video and USB command and control functionality available through a DisplayPort cable, OEMs have an opportunity to add advanced features and differentiation to their products," said Robert Haefling, President and CEO for Icron. "Consumers can benefit as desktop and mobile device applications gain simpler and more convenient connectivity options."

For more information about Icron, please contact: info@icron.com, +1 604 638 3920. For Media inquiries, contact: Susan Kirk, susan.kirk@icron.com, +1 604 315 9959. For investor relations, contact: Todd Hamel, VP & CFO, ir@icron.com, +1 604 638 3920.

About Icron Technologies Corp.
Icron Technologies (TSX -V:IT) is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of high -performance Video and USB extension solutions for commercial and industrial markets. Icron's patented ExtremeUSB® technology extends the range of any USB peripheral device over Cat 5, Wireless, Fiber and Powerline, at distances up to 25 miles (40km). Icron's extension products are deployed in a wide range of applications including: digital home connectivity, industrial automation, medical imaging, aerospace, and KVM extension. Icron's ExtremeUSB® technology is available in a variety of formats including branded and private -label products, OEM modules, and Integrated Circuits.

Icron is a publicly traded corporation and trades under the symbol "IT" on the TSX Venture Exchange. For more information on the company and its products, please visit www.icron.com.

About VESA
VESA is an international non -profit corporation representing a voting membership of more than 150 corporate members worldwide. VESA supports and sets industry -wide interface standards for the PC, workstation, and consumer electronics industries. VESA provides a forum to develop, promote and support open standards for the display industry.
For more information: www.vesa.org

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