Connect it, Convert It, Stream It and Enjoy It - AverLogic Video/Audio IC solutions for the World at CES 2010

AverLogic, Video IC solutions provider, is coming to Vegas (CES) this year with more video/audio solutions than ever before, demonstrating its versatility in providing the market with cost-effective, powerful, practical solutions.

(Taipei, Dec 11th, 2009) AverLogic Technologies, Video IC solutions provider, is coming to Vegas (CES) this year with more video/audio solutions than ever before, demonstrating its versatility in providing the market with cost -effective, powerful, practical solutions. Come see us at CES 2010 with all of your Video/Audio inquiries. We will be at the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 1, Booth 20323. CES 2010 is January 7th to January 10th.

Here are some of the sample applications using AverLogic IC products to be shown at CES:
# HD Video/Audio streaming over Power -lines - Cost -effective Home HD Streaming
# Car DVR Video applications - Parking Aid, Accident Video Capture, Car Security
# High Definition Video FIFO Solution - For all applications delivering HD Video.
# LCD Display Controllers - Versatile selection of IC solutions for displays

# Power Line Video and Audio Streaming - Your PLC experts
You can stream full HD video and audio throughout your home, using existing power -lines, avoiding the cost and complexities of rewiring your house. Averlogic's HD streaming technologies can route H.264 compressed video from such devices as Blu -ray Disc™ players and video game consoles to any compatible HDTV display in any room.

# Car DVR video - Video Driving Awareness
Did you know that 40% of all collisions happen you are backing out (driving in reverse) in your car? AverLogic AL37204+AL244 IC technology in Car DVR video applications remedy these problems using video cameras installed on your car. You can maneuver confidently in tight spaces, and avoid accumulating dings and scratches; it is especially useful for larger vehicles like trucks and vans. Car DVR has also been used for security purposes in armoured cars and other transport vehicles.

# AL460 HD FIFO - For all things High Definition
The HD revolution is here and now, and AverLogic's AL460 HD FIFO is ready to take on all applications. This IC solution is designed to be the workhorse in processing extremely dense, large quantities of HD data for HD Video Capture, HD Video Cameras, Frame Synchronizers, H.264 Stream Converters, Format Converter Boxes, Time Base Converters, Scan Rate Converters, Multi -Format Switch Boxes and more! Designed to be easily incorporated into your HD product designs, your design and development time will be drastically reduced, accelerating your product's time to market.

# LCD Display Controllers - Versatile Video Display IC Solutions
AverLogic AL320/AL321/AL330 display controllers provide outstanding visual experience for consumers. At this year's show we will have HMD Video glasses, Land Departure Warning System, Micro Display and HMDI Systems on display at our booth.

About AverLogic Technologies, Corp.
Established in 1996, AverLogic Technologies is a fabless semiconductor company with headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan and branch offices in California (USA) and ShenZhen City (PRC). The company specializes in high -performance, application -specific memory and video processing circuits. Current products include a wide array of video frame buffers, format converters and highly integrated video processors. More recently, the company has added video decoders, DVR video controllers, and an MPEG4 encoder to its lineup of video solutions. AverLogic has been publicly listed on the Taiwan OTC Stock Exchange since 2002 (TOSE: 6198). You can visit for additional information and product offerings.

Press Contacts and CES 2010 Meeting Arrangements:
John Lin
AverLogic Technologies, Corp.
+1 415 -402 -0230 (USA)

Shine Tsai
AverLogic Technologies, Corp.
+886 2 8752 -3988 ext.128 (Taiwan)

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