Atlona Technologies officially releases Passive VGA Wall Plate Extender Kit over CAT5/6 with Stereo Audio

Atlona Technologies officially releases new Passive VGA Wall Plate Extender Kit over CAT5/6 with Stereo Audio, the AT-AVGA-SR

Atlona Technologies, solutions based manufacturer of Audio Video accessories, has been constantly expanding their vast product line to not only create ease of use, but also fair and economical pricing. One such product line has been their wall plate extenders over cost effective Cat5 /6. With Cat5/6 cable arguably being one of the most inexpensive cables to use for most commercial, industrial and residential buildings built within the last couple of decades, Atlona has decided to release the latest addition to their accommodating wall plate Extender line with the AT -AVGA -SR.

These VGA wall plate Extenders will allow users to transmit high resolution VGA signal with stereo audio at distances up to 100 feet at resolutions up to 1280x1024, over dual CAT5/6 cables. The AT -AVGA -SR consists of both a sender and receiver unit. Both Sender (AT -AVGA -S) and Receiver (AT -AVGA -R) units are passive and require no power, making Atlona the first company to release such an extender. Along with the many wall plate options available through Atlona Technologies, using CAT5 or CAT6 can save hundreds of dollars on any A/V installation using High Definition video, rather than using expensive long runs of VGA cable. When using these VGA wall plate extenders with stereo audio, simply connect the sender unit to the desired source. The sender and receiver are then connected with one another through two cost effective CAT5/6 cables. Finally, the receiver unit is connected to the desired display. With quick and easy installation, these passive VGA wall plate extenders with stereo audio are perfect for any application looking to efficiently run VGA signal great distances with no signal degradation.

Atlona's AT -AVGA -SR is officially available now with an affordable MSRP of $149.00

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