Blue Echo Solutions, Inc. announces new lower price for hd EZ lock™, the only Universal Locking HDMI Cable Adapter on the market.

Blue Echo Solutions announced today that it has lowered its price for hd EZ lock, the only Universal HDMI Locking Adapter available, by 25% to $14.95 for a pair.

Blue Echo Solutions, Inc. announces new lower price for hd EZ lock™, the only Universal Locking HDMI Cable Adapter on the market.

Published: 10/19/09 5:03 PM PST

LAKEWOOD, Wash., Oct. 19 - - Blue Echo Solutions, Inc., the manufacturer of the patent pending hd EZ lock, announced today a 25% price reduction on its hd EZ lock Universal Locking HDMI Cable Adapter. hd EZ lock, winner of a 2009 CES Innovations Award, is now available at a price of $14.95 for a pair. Dealer and Distributor pricing have also been reduced.

Thanks to the support we've received from our early adopters, both on a retail and wholesale level, Blue Echo Solutions has been able to negotiate better manufacturing costs with our US Manufacturer, which has allowed us to pass the price savings on to our customers.

More and more HDMI Cable Manufacturers are beginning to address the issues with the HDMI Connection, namely a fragile HDMI Connector that can be damaged easily from stress, and a problem with HDMI Connections causing intermittent signal dropouts or becoming completely disconnected. Most of the solutions address the cable becoming disconnected, but many of them do nothing to address the damage that can be caused to an HDMI Component by the stress placed on the HDMI Input. hd EZ lock addresses both issues, by securing your HDMI Cable to prevent signal dropouts and disconnects caused by a loose HDMI Cable or loose connection, and by eliminating Stress on your HDMI Input by supporting the HDMI Cable from the component's chassis.

In addition to this, most solutions available require you to purchase a specific brand of HDMI Cable. hd EZ lock is the only adapter available that allows you to secure your HDMI Cable and eliminate stress while using the HDMI Cable of your choice, as hd EZ lock works universally with most HDMI Cables and HDMI Components on the market.

hd EZ lock typically installs in a couple of minutes or less, allows easy changing of HDMI Cables after installation, and is reusable as you change HDMI Cables or Components.

hd EZ lock has helped many of our clients to:

- - Eliminate Intermittent Signal dropouts due to a poor HDMI Connection

- - Remedy an intermittent Signal due to a fragile HDMI Connector by eliminating stress on the HDMI Input

- - Keep HDMI Cables from coming disconnected when moving components

- - Gain peace of mind in knowing that once their HDMI Connection is secured with hd EZ lock, they no longer have to worry about damaging their HDMI Input or having to track down a problem HDMI Connection due to the physical connection

hd EZ lock™ is designed to work with most HDMI Cables on the market, and with most HDMI Components by using either the fixing screw above or below the HDMI Input, or with the supplied 3m Very High Bond (VHB) adhesive. hd EZ lock is designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA.

About Blue Echo Solutions, Inc.

Blue Echo Solutions is a Consumer Electronics company dedicated to providing Manufacturers and Consumers with products and services that will enhance the Consumer Electronics experience through innovative products and solutions, as well as by building great relationships and through world -class Customer Service.

Blue Echo Solutions, Inc. is based in Lakewood, Washington and was founded in 2008.
For more information, or to order hd EZ lock(TM), visit Blue Echo Solution, Inc.'s website at or

hd EZ lock(TM) will also be available for the Japanese market through http://www.behappy

Press Contact:
Tony Eppright
Blue Echo Solutions, Inc.
Phone/Fax 800 -723 -2304 -us.php

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