New ZVOX Models 430 and 440 Deliver Superior Sound Quality Using Elegant, Hand -Crafted Wood Enclosures

Affordable and superb sounding single-box theater solutions create lifelike surround sound from a real-wood cabinet only 5-inches deep. Built-in powered subwoofer produces bass down to 43Hz!

Swampscott, Massachusetts, Sept. 8th, 2009 - ZVOX , the company that pioneered the concept of all -in -one home theater systems, is introducing two new high -performance sound bar products - - each using wood cabinets, high -quality speakers and built -in powered subwoofers - - and both priced well below $600. The ZVOX models 430 and 440 produce rich, three -dimensional surround sound using a single -cabinet design that doesn't require any external speakers or subwoofers. Both systems employ three high -performance speakers, a built -in four -inch subwoofer and the acclaimed PhaseCue virtual surround sound system - - in cabinets only 5" deep and 5.5" high. The 430 is 30.5" wide, making it ideal for use with TVs 32" -42" in diameter, and will retail for $449.99. The 440 is 39" wide, making it ideal for TVs 40" -52" in diameter, and will retail for $549.99.

"We think there's a market for high -quality sound bars at affordable price points - - products that aren't made from cheap plastic and which emphasize exceptional sound quality -a level of performance that simply doesn't exist in most sub -$600 systems," says ZVOX founder Tom Hannaher. "The ZVOX 430 and 440 use hand -crafted wood cabinets and premium grade speakers and amplifiers. Unlike many of our competitors, we don't believe in plastic cabinets and bargain -basement internal parts. With our new 430 and 440 sound bars, you get the build quality, superior sound and subdued elegance that ZVOX has become known for."

Designed by audio industry legend Winslow Burhoe, the 430 and 440 continue the ZVOX tradition of exceptional sonic performance. Vocals are clear and present. Music is natural and realistic - - truly "high fidelity." Surround effects, eerily, come from all over the room. And the bass is deep and strong - - and very musical.

Features and benefits of the ZVOX 430 and 440

• 3.25" full -range all -channel speaker delivers rich, natural vocals with stunning clarity and realism - even at low volume levels

• Two 3.25" full -range speakers work with the ZVOX -exclusive PhaseCue™ system to create a very wide stereo soundstage for music. The PhaseCue system also generates remarkable, three -dimensional virtual surround sound effects with movie soundtracks

• All three 3.25" full -range drivers use Neodymium magnets and ferrofluid to create very high sound pressure levels from compact speakers

• A long -excursion 4" powered subwoofer in a tuned enclosure reproduces accurate low frequencies down to 48 Hz (ZVOX 430) or 43 Hz (ZVOX 440)

• Unlike some virtual surround systems, the new ZVOX systems reproduce music very accurately - - with no "digital weirdness." Female vocalists sound warm, rich and natural. Symphonic music sounds big and airy and awesome. Movie soundtracks are delivered with startling realism

• Both systems use a slim -profile design. ZVOX 430: 30.5"w x 5.5"h x 5"d. ZVOX 440: 39"w x 5.5"h x 5"d

• They are simple to install, with only one connecting cable to hook up to the audio outputs or headphone jack of a TV. A second rear -panel (mixing) input can be used to connect an iPod, PC or any other audio device

• They are simple to use. The "owner's manual" is a single sheet of paper

• They use the ZVOX Infinite Compliance system - which connects the outer two speaker enclosures via an acoustic tube. This system helps create big sound from a slim cabinet

• They are bi -amplified, using a specially designed amplifier that includes electronic contouring for superb frequency response
• The system is magnetically shielded so it can be used near a TV or monitor
• They use a hand -crafted MDF (medium density fiberboard) wood cabinet with high -gloss hand -lacquered end panels - instead of plastic. MDF is the preferred construction material for high -performance loudspeakers
• A remote controls volume, PhaseCue virtual surround level, subwoofer level, treble, power on and mute
• Auto -on/auto -off circuit senses sound from the TV and turns on the system two seconds later. Several minutes after it has received no signal, it automatically puts the amplifier into standby mode
• The systems are backed by a one -year limited parts and labor warranty
·Suggested retail selling price of the ZVOX 430 is $449.99 shipping now
·Suggested retail selling price of the ZVOX 440 is $549.99 shipping Sept. 30th, 2009

About ZVOX Audio

ZVOX Audio is a collaboration of long -time industry veterans Tom Hannaher and Winslow Burhoe. Tom worked in marketing at Best Buy, Advent Corporation, Tweeter and Cambridge SoundWorks. Winslow worked at AR, KLH, Genesis, Nuance and Boston Acoustics - and was founder of EPI Loudspeakers. ZVOX Audio is dedicated to designing and manufacturing audio products that combine high sound quality, compact size, simplicity of use, and affordability.

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