Atlona Technologies Introduces New Line of Professional DVI Matrix Switchers

Atlona Technologies, solutions based manufacturer of Audio Video products, releases their new Line of Professional DVI Matrix Switchers

The AV market is beginning to see digital matrix switches with a greater number of inputs and outputs; however early DVI switcher adopters were limited to 4x4 models and larger solutions were extremely expensive and very complicated to use. Atlona Technologies, a solution based manufacturer of AV connectivity products, has researched the project and built a new line of Professional DVI switchers based on the same technology that all Atlona's Pro switchers (such as RGB and VGA) were built on. For those in need, Atlona brings four new DVI matrix Switchers. There are the 8x8s (AT -DVI0808 & AT -DVI0808 -A), and the 16x16s (AT -DVI1616 & AT -DVI1616 -A). The DVI0808 sports 8 DVI inputs and 8 DVI outputs, likewise for the AT -DVI1616, carrying 16 DVI in and 16 DVI out. The DVI1616 -A and DVI0808 -A are exactly like their counterparts with the addition of supported audio, making all of these units effectively geared for video walls and small scale digital signage applications.

These rack mountable digital matrix switchers are designed to be controlled through RS -232 with the included software from any computer, or via third party control systems such as Crestron or AMX. The units feature an Ethernet port, which allows control through a network, while also showcasing an EDID learning function that shortens switching speed considerably which maintains the digital "handshake" between source and display. With Atlona's new line of DVI Matrix Switchers, users will never experience signal loss degradation due to signal routing, or dropping picture on one source when switching video on another. Not only do these Atlona units support High Resolutions up to 1920x1200, but the switchers are featured with re -clocking technology which allows use of long cable runs on both the inputs and outputs.

Atlona Technologies' new professional DVI Matrix switchers provide the most flexible and cost effective solution in the market for users routing high definition with audio from up to 16 DVI sources to up to 16 High Definition DVI compatible displays simultaneously. These exciting units are perfect for broadcast rooms, multi council -chambers, television teaching rooms and command center application where multiple DVI monitors are required. Atlona builds each unit per order adding features such as Audio or additional TC/PIP support as needed.
Each DVI Matrix Switcher is currently available for order and ship within 2 weeks from time of purchase.

MSRPS: AT -DVI0808: $3999.00

AT -DVI0808 -A: $4299.00

AT -DVI1616: $7999.00

AT -DVI1616 -A: $8499.00

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