NetStreams™, the global leader in networked entertainment systems based on Internet Protocol (IP) technology, is announcing that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office formally published the company's patent application for its IP-Based Video and Audio

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Company's Extends Leadership in Streaming Internet Protocol Video, Audio & Control
AUSTIN, Texas | September 1, 2009 | NetStreams™, the global leader in networked entertainment systems based on Internet Protocol (IP) technology, is announcing that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office formally published the company's patent application for its IP -Based Video and Audio System on July 30, 2009. This is one of several published patent applications the company has developed for its IP -Based Audio Video distribution system, and marks a path for the future of how video, audio and control are delivered and consumed over existing networking.

"NetStreams' vision is to provide software and hardware solutions to simplify, manage and distribute audio, video and control signals digitally across an IP Network," said Kevin Reinis, President and CEO of NetStreams. "Streaming Audio and Video over existing data networks is a key element for the future of entertainment and communication in a home or commercial facility. Our patented and patent pending StreamNet technology facilitates essential synchronization, discovery, control and content management over standard networking using IP."

Increasingly business communication and entertainment media such as digital signage applications, corporate communications as well as tele -presence applications are being digitally transported. The published patent application solution provides time -sensitive synchronized streaming video and audio over Local Area Networks using Internet Protocol. The solution also provides complete device discovery that enables a simple plug and play system that just works right out of the box. Advanced source and content management give end users a simple to use interface and complete control over any kind of audio video source.

"Streaming time -sensitive video and audio cross complex and multiple LAN's, MAN's and tunneled over WAN's change the way Multi -Room audio and video distribution and control will be deployed from today and into the future," said NetStreams' Chief Technology Officer Michael Braithwaite. "IP audio and video enables the highest performance visual and sound quality, the most faithful and precise audio reproduction all over your existing LAN," said Braithwaite. "HDMI switchers are good,
and distribution over Ethernet is better, but Internet Protocol is the best way to ensure high definition content that is scalable for even the largest or most demanding projects."

About NetStreams
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, NetStreams delivers the Ultimate IP A/V Experience by distributing high definition audio and video over TCP/IP networks. NetStreams' products, designed for commercial and residential use, offer unprecedented levels of performance, functionality, simplicity, reliability, and expandability. By combining audio/video content, meta -data and control signals into one stream and incorporating industry standards, NetStreams solutions are a smart investment. NetStreams is enabling the future of IP A/V - today. For additional information on NetStreams and its innovative products, please visit

About StreamNet Technology
NetStreams' patent and patent -pending StreamNet technology enables licensees to deliver complete IP -Based audio/video distribution solutions over TCP/IP networks. StreamNet technology provides an end -to -end IP ecosystem for plug -n -play connectivity, A/V signal synchronization, high performance A/V reproduction, automatic device discovery and configuration, network control, and more. All products that carry the 'StreamNet Connected' logo are interoperable, enabling easy integration of audio/video and control products from multiple manufacturers.
StreamNet provides a stable, easily expandable platform and toolset for future products and new applications. StreamNet enables manufacturers to deliver the future of A/V and IT convergence today. For more information, visit NetStreams, StreamNet and DigiLinX are trademarks of NetStreams L.L.C. Other company and product names are trademarks of their respective owners.

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