DPL Labs President Jeff Boccaccio Shows 'How to Do More with HDMI One Dot Four' at Upcoming CEDIA Expo

Dynamic New Seminar Will Help Installers Take Full Advantage of HDMIs Latest Specification Revision

ORMOND BEACH, FL - AUGUST 26, 2009 - DPL Laboratories, Inc. (DPL Labs), the industry's leading digital performance testing laboratory, announced today that President and well -known HDMI™ guru Jeffrey Boccaccio will present a new seminar at the CEDIA Expo in Atlanta, GA titled "How to Do More with HDMI One Dot Four." This new seminar will detail HDMIs™ new specification revision 1.4 and will help integrators and installers take full advantage of the expanded capabilities this new revision offers.

How to Do More with HDMI One Dot Four will take place each of the first three days of the Expo in different locations so that show attendees will be able to easily find a time that best fits with their schedule. Please see the table below for full details on the seminar times and locations.

Jeffrey Boccaccio, one of the industry's leading experts on digital signaling solutions such as HDMI™, is uniquely qualified to headline this new informative seminar. DPL Labs is an independent testing laboratory that administers the DPL Certification Program, an HDMI™ cable testing and performance rating program that takes the mystery out of purchasing and installing superior HDMI™ cables for better and more reliable system performance. As DPL Labs President, Boccaccio is involved on a daily basis solving technical issues surrounding various HDMI™ products and installations. It is from this frontline experience that Boccaccio will draw upon to present meaningful and practical advice and solutions to the problems that installers and integrators face every day.

In addition to these seminars, Boccaccio will also be available for special "Ask the Expert" sessions in which show attendees will be able to ask HDMI™ questions one -on -one. These sessions offer installers and integrators the unique opportunity to have their specific HDMI™ issues and challenges addressed.

See below for the complete event schedule:

Thur., Sept. 10

11:00AM ~ 12:00PM - How to Do More - Ethereal, Booth #1469

1:00PM ~ 2:30PM - How to Do More - ADI/CEDIA Learning Labs C307

4:00PM ~ 4:30PM - Ask the Expert - Honeywell, Booth #1109

Fri., Sept. 11

11:00AM ~ 12:30PM - Product Seminar - DataComm Elects, Booth #3266

1:00PM ~ 2:00PM - How to Do More - Ethereal, Booth #1469

2:00PM ~ 3:30PM - How to Do More - ADI/CEDIA Learning Labs C307

4:00PM ~ 4:30PM - Ask the Expert - Honeywell, Booth #1109

Sat., Sept. 12

10:00AM ~ 11:00AM - Product Seminar - DataComm Elects, Booth #3266

11:00AM ~ 12:30PM - How to Do More - ADI/CEDIA Learning Labs C307

2:00PM ~ 3:00PM - How to Do More - Ethereal, Booth #1469

4:00PM ~ 4:30PM - Ask the Expert - Honeywell, Booth #1109

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DPL Laboratories, Inc. of Ormond Beach, FL (DPL Labs) administers the Digital Performance Level Certification Program (the DPL Program) in which their independent laboratory tests advanced digital signaling products, such as HDMI™ cables, against an objective performance standard to determine an accurate ranking based on actual data -backed results. All products are ranked on a simple numeric scale that ranges from "1" to "5" representing "good" to "best" performance. Consumers can then use this ranking to assist them in purchasing the correct product for their application. Look for the DPL performance certification seal as your assurance of quality product performance.

Brands participating in the DPL Program include: Acoustic Research, Binary Cables by SnapAV, Direct Connect, Ethereal, Honeywell, Next Generation, Phoenix Gold, SR Components, Inc., Signature Wire Corp. To see a continuously updated list of participating manufacturers, or to get more details on this program, see online at: http://www.dplrating.org or call 386/615 -2324.


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