D&M Holdings Selects Training Allies to Develop Online Training Content for Its Leading Brands

Training Allies designs content that helps retailers and integrators better comprehend, retain and apply what they learn about products from Denon, Marantz, McIntosh and other D&M brands.

Collegeville, PA - August 25, 2009 - Training Allies, a consulting firm that develops training programs and materials specifically for organizations within the consumer and custom electronics markets, announced today that it has partnered with D&M Holdings to be its preferred developer of online training content for all D&M brands, including Denon, Marantz, McIntosh, Boston Acoustics, Snell and Escient.

Training Allies also has been instrumental in helping D&M procure a new Learning Management System that will host online learning content, enhance D&M's versatility in offering online training, and provide useful tracking data to D&M, its sales representatives and its dealers.

Noted Jeff Cowan, Vice President of Training Development, D&M Holdings, North America: "In the past, we have created all our online training content and used a third party to publish it via an e -learning server -both a time -consuming and expensive process. By using Training Allies to create and publish our online training materials, we can take advantage of their experience with our industry and technologies and also benefit from their expertise in the e -learning environment and understanding of the most cost -effective way to reach key users. The result has been great -looking, highly interactive, cost -effective content that makes it easy for our dealers, their salespeople and installers to understand what makes our products special and how to best relate that to the end user."

D&M sought to significantly improve the design of its existing online training content while bolstering its ability to track learners' progress and comprehension. Leveraging its unique combination of expertise in both CE technology and instructional design, Training Allies is creating all -new, dynamic content for D&M from the ground up that is more engaging, interactive and visually appealing, and includes a variety of higher -quality quizzes and knowledge assessment tools that D&M can use to track and reward learners.

"We work closely with all of our CE industry partners to help them either build brand -new training programs, or to significantly improve the quality and results of their existing programs," said Dave Chace, president of Training Allies. "In today's economy, where budgets are under heightened scrutiny, the return on a company's training investment is paramount. At Training Allies, we take pride in our ability to increase the value of our clients' training programs. We are excited at the opportunity to provide this service to D&M Holdings, the home of so many of the electronics industry's most compelling brands."

Denon has been so impressed with the training modules developed by Training Allies that it has opted to use elements of the modules as brief product information vignettes to enhance its consumer -focused home page, www.usa.denon.com. Noted Vaishali Benner, Senior Marketing Manager, D&M Holdings North America: "In addition to using the modules created by Training Allies for our training initiatives, we've also been able to use them to enhance our Denon website, further educating our end users by explaining our key technologies with animations, graphics and content that's easy to understand and not intimidating."

Training Allies President Dave Chace, a 23 -year electronics industry veteran, is a dynamic and insightful thought leader on the subject of successful -and cost -effective -adult education in the electronics industry. He brings that experience to bear with Training Allies, which couples a deep understanding of technology with proven instructional design and adult learning practices to impart skills and knowledge in ways that more effectively resonate with learners, helping them to better grasp information and apply it over the long term.

Interested parties can view samples of E -learning content from Training Allies at www.TrainingAllies.com/portfolio.html.

For more information about Training Allies, please visit www.TrainingAllies.com.

About Training Allies
Training Allies is a consulting firm that develops training programs and materials specifically for organizations within the consumer and custom electronics markets. Based outside of Philadelphia, Training Allies has partnered with numerous premier organizations in the industry to help them more effectively educate their audiences and achieve greater returns on their training investments. Visit Training Allies at www.TrainingAllies.com.

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