Aspen Media Products Announces New 3 -D Media Servers

Models include 2 pair of 3-D glasses and works for movies and games.

Dallas, Texas - August 10, 2009 - Aspen Media Products (AMP), a Digital Media Management Company, proudly announces its new 3 -D Lineup. AMP's 3 -D Home Media Servers allow you to experience 3 -D from the comfort of your home when combined with a 3 -D ready TV and have the capability to produce 3 -D from PC games or 3 -D movies. Both models also have the ability to allow the consumer to watch their existing 2 -D DVD's in 3 -D! Besides having 3 -D capabilities, both models are also fully functioning home media servers and allow you to store and view your digital photos, burn and listen to your favorite music, PVR and watch your favorite Digital TV shows, and download and watch your favorite movies. The GL -1000 is their entry level model and works with any 3 -D ready DLP television or projector, and features dual core processing and ATI graphics. The GL -3159 is their premium model and is designed to work with any 3 -D ready television, and features dual core processing, NVIDIA graphics, and a Blu -Ray player.

Aspen Media Products (AMP) is committed to manufacturing 3 -D Media Servers that deliver more than just home media and more than any competitor's product. The AMP GL -1000 (starting at $1199) includes a dual core processor, ATI graphics, Tridef ignition software, and 2 pair of Xpand 3 -D glasses. The GL -3159 (starting at $1799) includes a Blu -ray player with Arsoft TMT -3 -D, 500 GB of storage, NVIDIA graphics, Tridef ignition software, and 2 pair of Xpand 3 -D glasses. Xpand 3 -D shutter glasses are unique and work with any 3 -D ready DLP television and do not require an emitter like other active shutter glasses. The glasses get the synchronization information from the signal in the DLP television. The GL -3159 model is also "GeForce 3D Vision Ready" (which is NVIDIA's version of 3 -D glasses) for televisions that require an emitter.
"We know 3 -D is the next trend in home entertainment and our models allow you to experience 3 -D in your home today," said John Oliver, Chief Technical Officer, Aspen Media Products. "We have been working with key manufacturers to bring this technology to the home and are proud to offer these models for great value in family entertainment."
AMP is also launching 3 -D into retailers nationwide along side Mitsubishi. The demo consists of a Mitsubishi 3 -D ready television, an AMP 3 -D media server and a podium with 3 -D glasses attached that showcases movies and games in 3 -D. Aspen Media Products 3 -D Line is available immediately from their online store ( and other retailers throughout the U.S.
The AMP 3 -D Lineup provides all these features in a machine that looks elegant, runs incredibly quiet, and is energy efficient. Aspen Media Products "AMPlifies Your Life" by providing a complete 3 -D Home Media Server that complements your digital lifestyle.
About Aspen Media Products, LLC:
Formed in 2001, Cutting Edge PCs manufactured and sold best in class professional computers and business servers. Recognizing that there was a void in the Audio Video Industry, Cutting Edge PCs evolved into Aspen Media Products (AMP) creating a broad range of Windows based Media Servers. After carefully researching the A/V Industry, AMP created unique solutions based on consumers' wants, needs, and desires. AMP has created products that contain hardware and software that is state -of -the -art, yet reliable and combined them with the Media Center interface that is simple to operate. AMP differentiates itself by offering the latest technologies and features of high -end media servers at an affordable price point that appeals to everyone! AMP products are designed to enable customers to record, manage and enjoy their digital media while managing their digital lifestyle.
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