Fixed Mobile Convergence Extends Alteva Platform to Any Phone Device

Alteva Deploys Alteva Anywhere

Philadelphia, PA - June 1, 2009 - Alteva, North America's largest enterprise hosted VoIP provider, today announced the deployment of its Alteva Anywhere solution. The solution utilizes the native Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) functionality of the Alteva platform and requires no third party components. It can extend a user's personal features to any number of fixed and mobile devices by unifying all personal services across all devices. Call colleagues from a mobile device using a four -digit extension, move calls seamlessly from a desk phone to a mobile handset when you need to take an important call with you, or move a call from your mobile to a fixed phone so others can listen in on your speaker phone - without any detection or interruption of the call.

Alteva Anywhere allows users to use one number for all incoming and outgoing calls, regardless of the phone used. More importantly, it does not require the service provider to have a formal business or technical integration with the mobile network. Key benefits include:

 Only one business number is needed to reach all phones simultaneously.
 Universal features - users have access to all of their business features, regardless of which device they use to receive or make a call.
 Works independently of the user's mobile network - no relationship with the user's provider is required.
 Moves a call among devices - users can enjoy voice call continuity by moving ongoing calls from one phone to another without hanging up.

Alteva Anywhere is already proving operational benefits, and improved productivity for one of the oldest, largest and most experienced operating private investigation firms in New York.

"Updating our agents with crucial information is of utmost importance and Alteva Anywhere has enabled us to be in quick contact with all of our field agents when time is of the essence," said Darrin Giglio, Private Investigator at North American Investigations. "The ability to transfer calls to each other while on our mobile phones has been a considerable asset that we could not be without. In conjunction, the Alteva Archive call recording solution has been an effective way for us to record all calls whether it's for evidence, training or to recheck important case information. Being able to use this feature for incoming and outgoing calls even with our mobile phones has been an invaluable tool for our investigative team and has dramatically improved our productivity."

"In today's business world, FMC isn't a luxury, it's a requirement," said William Bumbernick, CEO of Alteva. "It's common for employees to work remotely and be reachable at multiple phone numbers, which can complicate communications. Customers might need to call multiple phone numbers before reaching the employee they are trying to contact. In this disjointed environment, it's important to have a solution that makes communications as seamless as possible - whether an employee is working from the office, on the road, or at home."

Alteva Anywhere works with all phone types including desk, PBX, mobile, PSTN and soft clients across all legacy and next -generation architectures (2G/3G/4G). The solution is included free with the purchase of an Alteva Platinum License and is available directly from Alteva, or through resellers and distributors offering Alteva's hosted solutions.

About Alteva
Alteva, North America's largest provider of enterprise hosted VoIP, has become the pioneer for showcasing the high quality and reliability of hosted VoIP solutions. Alteva provides businesses with "Communication as a Service" that requires minimal installation and configuration while eliminating monthly phone system maintenance charges and reducing overall telephony costs. With a sophisticated open standards infrastructure, Alteva enables businesses to easily integrate existing business applications. Rather than building their processes around the limitations of their phone system, Alteva's customers build their phone systems around their ideal processes. Based in Philadelphia, Alteva provides internet access, telephone system and service to growth -oriented businesses in 50 states and 9 countries. For more information, visit or call 1 -877 -258 -3821.


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