Specialized Communications Corp. and Noventri Join Cisco Systems to Air Live Feed of the Speaks Performance

Specialized Communications Corp. and Noventri, in conjunction with Cisco Systems, made it possible for DC-based artists to step into the global world by performing not only live on stage but live online as well.

A major step forward in the independent music world, DC -based artists The Speaks recently performed in front of a global audience via the Web as well as on stage.

The performance was held at The State Theater in Falls Church, Virginia. Through the efforts of Specialized Communications Corp., Noventri Digital Signage Solutions, along with Cisco Systems and various sponsors, the live performance could be viewed the world over through the "Speaks Experience." The "Experience" included live online video, a new mobile website, digital signage and a unique after -show session with the band.

The Specialized Communications Corp. crew captured video with Panasonic's AG -HVX 200 cameras. The video was then streamed online to Specialized Communication's website at www.spec -comm.com/events.php as well as at www.thespeaks.com, thus creating a fully interactive and thrilling online experience for viewers.

Noventri, the digital signage division of Specialized Communications Corp., provided the technology needed to create large screen digital displays around the stage.

"We are proud to support The Speaks for this industry -leading event with Panasonic HD cameras and our digital signage content. As the marketing and media needs of independent artists are developed, " says Andrew Hoffman, VP of Specialized Communications Corp. and Noventri Digital Signage Solutions, " we at Specialized Communications and Noventri will be there to ensure that their live events are a success."

An edited version of the performance is available on Specialized Communications' website and will be used in the band's upcoming music videos.

For more information about Specialized Communications Corp. or Noventri, please call Judy L. Hoffman, Marketing and Public Relations at 800 -359 -1858, ext. 211 or email to: judyh@noventri.com


Specialized Communications Corp. / Noventri - the largest Panasonic Service Center in the US, specializing in P2 and DVCPRO repairs as well as Panasonic and JVC warranty repairs. Besides being a Flagship Dealer for Panasonic, Specialized Communications also works closely with such names as Grass Valley, Matrox, Adobe and Apple. Specialized Communications was established in 1985 and is located approximately 60 miles outside of Washington, DC. Noventri has been providing digital signage solutions since 2004. The company's president is David Linetsky and VP is Andrew Hoffman. URL: www.spec -comm.com
Noventri - a Division of Specialized Communications Corp. - Noventri has been a leader in manufacturing, sales, service, installation and content creation and manage of Dynamic Digital Signage since 2004 and its parent company, Specialized Communications Corp, has served the broadcast and professional video industry since 1985. David Linetsky is President, Andrew Hoffman, Vice President and Wil Conklin, Director of Sales and Marketing. Noventri is located at: 20940 Twin Springs Dr., Smithsburg, MD 21783 -1510. URL: www.noventri.com
Cisco Systems - - http://www.cisco.com/
The Speaks - http://www.thespeaks.com/

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