Connect all your HDMI A/V equipment to your TV with just 1 cable

You have a beautiful flat-screen TV in your lounge but need numerous cables to connect all your equipment to it. That is not the ideal solution.

On occasion, it also becomes impossible due to a lack of sufficient connectors on your TV. So what now? Change cables? The most appealing solution is to have 1 cable to the TV and the Home Cinema receiver. They then automatically respond to the active source for optimum ease of use.

With the addition of 2 new switches to its range, Marmitek can always provide a solution to the problem of connecting and linking your equipment.
Today, Marmitek is introducing the Connect410 and 411

This high -end, HDMI switcher is suitable for simultaneously connecting 4 HDMI devices, including HD set top boxes, Blu -Ray players and game consoles, to every type of HDTV or projector.
• Only 1 HDMI input is needed on your TV so you will never be short of HDMI TV inputs again.
• Just 1 cable from all your equipment to your TV.
• Built -in repeater and equalizer for correcting any signal loss, allowing you to connect an HDMI cable measuring up to 15 metres to the output.
• High quality 24K Gold Plated HDMI connectors to prevent transmitting - and corrosion resistance.
• Free from interruption due to solid metal, interference -free, top quality housing.
• Includes remote control.
• This switcher can be hidden from view by using an optional IR receiver.
The Connect410 has a recommended retail price of € 89.95.

Moreover the Connect411 has a digital audio output for your Home Cinema receiver which supports codec formats such as Dolby True HD and DTS -HD Master Audio. The audio signal is automatically extracted by the Connect411 from the incoming HDMI signal so that you do not need to use separate audio cables from your A/V equipment to the Connect411. You can then use 1 audio cable to connect the audio from 4 HD sources to your Home Cinema receiver and this then automatically synchronizes with the image. In addition to ease of use and the aesthetic aspect, this is also very important if your receiver doesn't have sufficient connectors. The Connect411 has a recommended retail price of € 149.95

Marmitek also introduced 3 switches in 2008

A full HD 3 input/1 output HDMI switcher
Connect 3 HDMI sources to the Connect310 which can then be connected to your TV with 1 cable. This appliance can also be operated if it is installed out of sight. Recommended retail price: € 39.95.

Connect225 and Connect236
Do you primarily have Audio/Video equipment with SVHS, Component or RCA outputs?
Marmitek has these products in its range so that you can continue to use your existing equipment with SCART, Composite or RCA connectors for many years to come.
The Connect225 has a recommended retail price of € 49.95 The Connect236 costs € 79.95.

All Marmitek HDMI switches are HDMI V1.3 compatible*. Take a look at Marmitek's A/V switches on

*HDMI V1.3
The High Definition Multimedia Interface - known as HDMI - has now been around for a number of years. The latest, certified version of HDMI is currently 1.3. This is compatible with all earlier versions. It is generally assumed that the newer the supporting HDMI version, the better. However 1.2 is the most frequently used.
In the intervening period, the new standard for transferring A/V signals has been gaining ground for over four years and has, therefore, gradually marginalised older (analogue) cables. The big advantage with HDMI is that, just as with transfer via SCART cable, both audio and video signals are sent via cable but now a much larger bandwidth is used and, as a result, quality is clearly better. Surround sound can also be sent in this way, while SCART cables, at best, can only send stereo sound.

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