Pass Labs Introduces New XP -15 Phono Preamp for Moving Magnet and Moving Coil Type Cartridges

Sophisticated, Sonically Superior Phono-Stage for Vinyl LP Collections is Easy to Set Up, Use and Enjoy

FORESTHILL, CA, March 4, 2009 - Pass Laboratories, Inc., an audio innovator renowned for its unique high -performance products, has introduced the XP -15 Phono Preamp, a high -performance phono preamplifier for use with moving magnet and moving coil cartridges.

The XP -15 is the successor to Pass Labs's award -winning Xono phono -stage. It features lower noise levels, greater resolution, better base control and an attractive single -chassis design. It's superb construction only suggests the quality of the listening experience it delivers - a lush, smooth sound with a wide stage and firm bass. The XP -15 is easy to set up and a pleasure to use, especially given that the best of today's vinyl is significantly better than what was available when vinyl was the mass -market audio media of choice.

The XP -15 also boasts a very accurate RIAA equalization curve of more than one -tenth of a decibel over 10 octaves that does not vary with a change of gain or cartridge loading. The equalization curve is an industry standard for recording and playing vinyl records that permits greater playback times and improves sound quality.

The XP -15's gain is adjustable from 46dB to 76dB, a range that allows the operation of high -output moving magnet cartridges and the lowest output moving coil cartridges without the need for an auxiliary step -up transformer. The ability to play extremely low -output cartridges without a head transformer allows the cartridges to deliver exceptional clarity.

The extremely low -noise/high -gain structure of the XP -15 is capable of delivering more than 0.5 Volt of line -level signal output with a cartridge input of 80 micro -volts (0.08 mv). Pass Labs believes these to be the best performance figures in the industry for a phono -stage.

The XP -15's connections includes both MM and MC inputs for Moving Magnet and Moving Coil -type phono cartridges, RCA and XLR outputs, and a single five -way binding post for turntable grounding. Two pairs of DIP switches aid cartridge selection and cartridge loading. The connections and switches are all on the rear panel, and isolated in blocks to avoid confusion.

The XP -15 Phono Preamp will be available later in March from authorized dealers at a suggested price of $3,800.

About Pass Labs
Founded in 1991 by legendary audio designer Nelson Pass, Pass Laboratories, Inc. markets its unique amplifiers, preamplifiers and speakers throughout the world. The company has been based in Foresthill, California, since its beginning, and is widely regarded as one of the most innovative audio brands in the world. Its critically acclaimed Aleph, X and XA -Series products have won numerous awards, and Founder and CEO Nelson Pass holds numerous audio patents. His achievements include developing the first dynamically biased Class A amplifier circuit, developing a fully cascode audio power amplifier, and developing the Stasis amplifier in 1977. He helped popularize solid -state, single -ended Class A power amplifiers, and developed the very successful Aleph series of products, and the Super -Symmetry™ circuit, which achieves exceptionally low distortion and noise levels. The company is now poised to introduce a new generation of amplifiers and other high -performance audio products.
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