Get Digital, Inc. Acquires Media Loading Service - MetaRip

MetaRip Service Provider & Creators of GD3 Bulk-Loading Platform - Now Dealer Direct

March 2, 2009 - Get Digital, Inc. proudly announces the acquisition of MetaRip CD/DVD conversion and media server loading service from TransRegional Marketing, LLC.

Known for its CD/DVD -Loading service, and Anthology Preloaded Media Collections, MetaRip is widely recognized as the quality leader, bringing server -grade, professionally groomed, GD3 -powered digital encoding and server loading, exclusively to professional AV dealers across the country.

"This acquisition is the outcome of a longstanding partnership," says Nick Carter, President of TransRegional Marketing. "MetaRip jobs have been entirely processed by Get Digital for the past year, utilizing proprietary GD3 technology." Get Digital, pioneered the bulk media conversion market by forming the first CD ripping business for the CEDIA channel in 2003 and is entirely based on proprietary GD3 software and metadata. "I selected Get Digital as a technology and service provider because they own the technology, and were able to modify it to meet the needs of the CEDIA market," adds Carter. MetaRip recently launched MetaRipDVD for the ReQuest IMC based on Get Digital's proprietary "secure loading" protocol that transfers encrypted content compatible with the ReQuest server. "Server technology is always changing, so I selected a technology partner that could adapt at the software level."

"Nick has built -up an excellent dealer network, and tailored a service brand that focuses on the needs of equipment dealers. His continued focus on this channel has even helped opened up new services including DVD loading for several manufacturers including ReQuest & Escient," says Doug Strachota, Founder & CEO of Get Digital. "We are happy for Nick as he takes his talents to another industry, and will continue to make strides to deliver the professional service and product quality that he has defined for our industry."

After 23 years, first as a dealer, then as VP - Sales & Marketing at ReQuest, Nick is leaving the CEDIA market to join up with fellow ReQuest alum Zachary Piech at "I started after leaving ReQuest in 2006, and now we've grown to a point where a dedicated sales & marketing team makes sense," says Piech. is a discount online retailer of pet supplies that ships thousands of orders per month. "We're now the largest FedEx account on our region, says Piech. "Adding Nick and his wife Samantha is a no -brainer since we all worked together to build network of 650 dealers at ReQuest, and became great friends in the process."

MetaRip service will continue uninterrupted during this seamless transition. Effective 3/3/2009, Doug Strachota will be the contact for MetaRip.

Doug can be reached at 317.567.5065, or by email at

Nick Carter can be reached at 352.228.1547, or by email at

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About Get Digital Inc: Founded in 2003, Get Digital, Inc. provides a fast, cost effective, and easy -to -use solution for converting CD collections to computer files formats such as MP3, WMA, and others. Get Digital has developed a Patent Pending process using today's most sophisticated electronic equipment to provide the most efficient solution available, and it has incorporated a proprietary database to provide the most accurate solution accessible to anyone interested in making the transition to MP3. Get Digital's expertise stems from years of experience helping to pioneer MP3 products working with companies such as Thomson (RCA), Texas Instruments, and Escient. A dedicated software development team supports Get Digital with expertise in digital media devices, application development, and database management.

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