DC's Newseum Deploys Noventri Technology - The News Becomes a Digital Experience

Noventri announces installation of proprietary digital signage technology at DC's Newseum. High-end digital signage is part of the museum's efforts to create an interactive environment for patrons and news related history.

Smithsburg, Maryland, December 18, 2008 - Noventri announces that the Newseum, a digitally savvy museum that delves into the history and industry of news, is using Noventri for digital scheduling, informational and directional displays throughout 10 of the museum's floors.

Newseum officials felt it was essential to appeal to the Web 2.0 generation by presenting the history of news and news reporting through an interactive environment that uses a multitude of video screens, touchscreens and digital signs.
"Newseum looked for a the best company with the most to offer for integrating electronic signage within the Newseum. Noventri worked well with us, and met our customized needs," said Bud O'Connor, Newseum Director of Engineering. "Noventri provided the needed expertise, technology and support to provide Newseum with an electronic signage system that is high -end and dependable."
The Newseum, located adjacent to the Smithsonian museums and the National Mall, offers 643,000 square feet of interactivity with 15 theaters, 14 major galleries, two state -of -the -art broadcast studios, a 4 -D experience and 130 interactive stations. This makes the $450 million Newseum the most technologically advanced museum in the world.

Noventri's installation included 37 flat panel displays (six 24 -inch and thirty -one 42 -inch) that provide guests with schedules of events that take place within the facility and to complement exhibits by providing pertinent information. Noventri also integrated its technology into the Newseum's Master Control Room so that engineers can control and monitor content to Noventri's displays from a single location.

The Master Control Room at Newseum allows visitors to view engineers and Noventri's control station through glass windows, providing a feel for what is involved in pushing and maintaining content to screens throughout the facility.

"Noventri is proud to be a part of this tremendous project," said Wil Conklin, Sales Director at Noventri, "And this is the culmination of over four years of working closely with Newseum's engineers to create a platform and final results that meet the demands of a high -technology institution. We're happy and they're happy."

For information contact call Judy L. Hoffman, Marketing and PR at 800 -359 -1858 or email at: judyh@noventri.com.
Noventri - a Division of Specialized Communications Corp. Noventri has been a leader in sales, service and installation of Dynamic Digital Signage since 2004. Noventri boasts an impressive 23 -year history in the broadcast and pro -video industry through their parent company, Specialized Communications Corp. This has resulted in innovative visioneering that can be applied to all sectors of the business world. David Linetsky is President, Andrew Hoffman, Vice President and Wil Conklin, Director of Sales. Noventri is located at: 20940 Twin Springs Dr., Smithsburg, MD 21783 -1510. URL: www.noventri.com

The Newseum - located at 555 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W., Washington, DC 20001. URL: www.newseum.org

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