Sanus Screen Care cleans your screen and improves viewing experience

Elements Screen Care allows users to keep their electronics clean, which preserves the picture quality of their display for a more enjoyable viewing experience.

Sanus Systems announces that it is now shipping Sanus Elements™ Screen Care, a series of quality screen care accessories that gently clean high -end TVs and monitors, and easily remove dust without damaging the screen.

"We are very excited to launch our new Elements line of quality AV accessories beginning with Elements Screen Care," said Jason Schmidt, product manager for Sanus. "Elements Screen Care allows users to keep their electronics clean, which preserves the picture quality of their display for a more enjoyable viewing experience."

Within the Elements line is the ELM101 -X1, a complete screen care system contained in a reusable package that reduces material waste. The ELM101 -X1 includes a special alcohol - and ammonia -free gel that gently cleans TVs and monitors without harming screens or discoloring bezels. Its Micro -Mist™ bottle provides a targeted spray for accurate application. The unique Elements microfiber wiping handle allows for quick, even window -style cleaning and a microfiber cloth cleans without leaving behind lint or residue. Also included is the exclusive antistatic dusting brush attached to the wiping handle that lifts debris and static electricity from the screen between cleanings.

The Elements ELM102 -X1 is a simpler screen care system for use in non -dusty environments. It includes a bottle of gentle cleaning gel with Micro -Mist technology, and easily stores a microfiber cleaning cloth in its cap.

Both products are now shipping. The ELM101 -X1 lists for $29.99 and the ELM102 -X1 lists for $17.99. Elements screen care is safe for use on most LCD, plasma and CRT TVs and monitors.

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