F -Type, Multi -Piece & One -Piece Mini Coax Connectors Ensure Quality Custom Installations

ICM Corp.'s F-Conn compression connectors are now available as an F-type connector for 22-24AWG mini coax. ICM Corp.'s mini coax product line also includes RCA and BNC style of multi-piece and one-piece mini coax compression connectors.


Tim Root
ICM Corp., Vice President, Sales & Marketing
ISEurope Booth 1M33
Phone: +1 -303 -288 -8107 or sales@icmcorp.net

DENVER (January 28, 2009): ICM Corp.'s F -Conn compression connectors are now available as an F -type connector for 22 -24AWG mini coax. In addition to the new F -type connector, ICM Corp.'s mini coax product line includes RCA and BNC style of multi -piece and one -piece mini coax compression connectors. Multi -piece mini coax connectors are ideal for stranded center conductor cable, while one -piece mini coax compression connectors are customized for solid center wire only.

F -Conn mini coax connectors demonstrate superior return loss numbers when tested under stringent testing standards, ensuring high quality installations, long -lasting connections and customer satisfaction.

"By choosing the F -Conn mini coax connector that's right for the job, professional installers save time and money without sacrificing quality," said Tim Root, ICM Corp. vice president of Sales and Marketing. "ICM Corp. is committed to providing connectors, tools and accessories that meet the needs of professional installers who demand superior performance at an affordable price."

F -Conn mini coax connectors are designed for use with ICM Corp.'s Cable Pro Linear Compliant Compression (SLM) Tool, a favorite among professional installers worldwide. The self -adjusting SLM Compression Tool creates true 360° compression in one easy step.

F -Conn mini coax connectors, available in nickel and gold, have a brass center contact and cable pullout force that exceeds 20 pounds. Available in RGB 22 -24 AWG and RGB 25 -26 AWG.

All F -Conn compression connectors feature ICM Corp.'s patented floating pin and non -blind entry design, which allows installers to see the wire as it is set in the pin, eliminating guesswork and costly errors. In addition, F -Conn connectors are manufactured using a proprietary process and the highest quality materials to eliminate the threat of cracking or snapping during compression.

ICM Corp. is the parent company of Cable Pro and F -Conn Industries, recognized leaders in TRUE 360 -degree compression tools and connectors.

Detailed product information is available at www.icmcorp.net or see product demonstrations at ICM Corp. booth 1M33 at ISEurope. Contact Tim Root at +1 -303 -288 -8107 or sales@icmcorp.net.

ICM Corp. is a privately owned manufacturing company, serving the broadcast, cable, home entertainment, security, and commercial industries. Incorporated in 1985, the company is recognized worldwide for its innovative products, including 360 -degree compression connectors, tools and accessories. ICM Corp. holds multiple patents and exclusively licensed technologies. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, USA, ICM Corp. products are available through a highly qualified distribution network. ICM Corp. divisions include Cable Pro, CableReady, F -Conn Industries and PowerTronics.

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