Burmester Excites With Three New Models

Burmester Excites With Three New Models

Indianapolis, IN (January 22, 2009) - Burmester Audiosysteme expands on its recent introduction at CES of three new, exhilarating additions to their prestigious line -up: the 077 Reference Pre -amp, 082 Integrated Amp, and 087 Surround Processor. The new models fit seamlessly into the company's existing range of offerings, providing even more feature sets and price points to Burmester customers.

The 077 provides a stunning exterior design alternative to the handsome and highly prized 808 MK5. Additionally, the new model becomes the most versatile pre amp in the internationally awarded Burmester lineup. Buyers can choose from an internal power supply version or a two -box external power supply.

The new Reference 077 contains the company's proprietary X -AMP2 technology along with every feature the ultimate audiophile expects from one of the most respected names in the industry. New innovations are provided as well. These include a self -balancing phono stage that equalizes channel disparities in real time and projects a perfect virtual sound stage into every room environment. With the phono stage comes the vinyl collector's critical option of a built -in phono card for connecting turntables.

The 077 user will revel in maximum channel separation and two -zone capacity, phase inversion for each zone and input, and an optional additional digital -to -analog converter (DAC) module with upsampling. The DAC can directly connect an iPod or computer - or function as the DAC for a CD transport or older player. Bottom line, the owner can use the DAC to upgrade sound quality without having to purchase a new CD player. The uncompromising 077 will retail at $39,995 for the internal power supply version and $54,995 for the two -box external power supply version.

The 082 Integrated Amplifier closes a gap in the Classic Line and matches especially well with their CD players. The 082 offers the classic Burmester sound in a more compact and convenient package. Burmester customers expect and will find warm, substantial and vigorous sound with rich detail. The new model is fully DC coupled and perfectly suited for stereo and home theatre applications, offering a home theater throughput and a PRE OUT for connecting a second power amp. The 082 will retail for $15,995.

The 087 Classic Line Surround Processor is Burmester's latest multi -channel component and raises sound quality in that niche to the highest level. Designed to offer a Burmester quality experience at a more affordable price point, the 087 is fully DC coupled and supports Dolby Digital Surround EX as well as DTS Digital Surround│ES│DTS Neo:6, and Pro Logic II. Logical controls and operation are hallmarks of Burmester, and the 087 does not disappoint. The company's newest surround processor has a dynamic range that is adjustable in three steps - for example, during late night playback. The 087 will retail for $15,995.

About Burmester
Burmester Audiosysteme GmbH, founded in 1978, quickly rose to the top of the German ultra high -end consumer electronics industry. Today, it is one of the most respected names among manufacturers of highest -quality stereo systems worldwide.
Its products range from pre - and power amplifiers, CD players, CD transports, D/A converters, FM tuners to speakers and accessories. On offer are several product lines that vary in price but not in their dedication to quality and highest musical performance.

For additional information, please visit: www.burmester.de

About ASL Group
Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, ASL Group is the exclusive North American importer of Burmester handling all their channel development, marketing, sales and warranty. ASL Group provides award -winning sales, service, and support to a first -rate dealer network specialized in presenting high performance products from internationally recognized manufacturers, including Burmester, Cambre', Naim Audio, NaimNet, Nottingham, and Qsonix. For additional information, please visit: www.aslgroup.com or telephone (317) 841 -4100.

Press Contact
Jenny Smith, Burmester Brand Manager • ASL Group • Telephone: 317 -841 -4100 • Email: JennyS@aslgroup.com

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