SelectRadio app for smartphones brings users not just 5,000 channels of music from the Internet and satellite radio broadcasters XM and Sirius, but now streams 500 sources of news, including programs from BBC, ESPN, NPR and The Weather Channel.

INTERNATIONAL CES, LAS VEGAS, Nev., Jan 8, 2009 - Users of Windows Mobile smartphones now can easily stream thousands of live audio stations and on -demand programs with a single touch using the latest SelectRadio application version 4.5 released today at CES.

New to the application are an expansive list of over 500 news, talk, weather and sports selections from major broadcasters such as the BBC, ESPN, NPR and The Weather Channel to help users stay informed while mobile. SelectRadio users can easily navigate and choose from either live news, talk and sports radio stations, or stream a podcast of their favorite programs. Arbitron recently reported almost 40 percent annual growth in the number of U.S. consumers who listen to such podcast program content.

The SelectRadio application's podcast streaming technology removes the hassles typically associated with subscribing, downloading and managing such content on other mobile devices. SelectRadio users can simply click to hear the latest episode, or select prior episodes that they may have missed. SelectRadio users can also easily import a list of audio podcasts from iTunes and other desktop podcast applications, which are then displayed in the SelectRadio application as pushbutton presets for immediate listening.

The new version of SelectRadio software continues to tune an unrivaled array of music from more than 5,000 channels of Internet and satellite radio. SelectRadio users can choose from screens of presets for top broadcasters such as, AccuRadio, radioio, Shoutcast, Sirius and XM Radio. On music channels, SelectRadio utilizes the patent -pending HyperScan™ technology to help users discover new artists and can be set up to seek favorite artists, and display or email CD information for currently playing songs. Users can also stream music from their own personal library via access to the Music Locker service.

SelectRadio software is compatible with all popular Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6 devices including new models such as the HTC Touch Series, LG Incite, Samsung Omnia, and Sony Ericsson Xperia. SelectRadio software requires a network connection via either the device wireless carrier or WiFi connection. SelectRadio software is priced at $25 for a device -specific license. Customers using licensed copies of earlier SelectRadio versions can upgrade the same device to the new v4.5 for free. A free 10 -day fully functional trial is available for evaluation prior to purchase at

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Arbitron report - "The Podcast Consumer Revealed 2008"

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