Wadia Digital Extends Its Audiophile Lineup

-- Latest Wadia Technologies Distinguish Exciting New Product Introductions --

LAS VEGAS, NV, January 8, 2009 - Wadia Digital, a high -end audio company dedicated to the continual

refinement of digital audio technologies, has announced three new components designed for the ultimate
performance in digital audio reproduction. The new 381 integrated CD Player, 571 CD Transport and the
company's new flagship 922 Decoding Computer exemplify Wadia's ongoing commitment to unveiling all that
is possible from the compact disc and other digital audio sources.
"These new Wadia products are destined to become benchmarks, for both listeners and for Wadia Digital
itself," says John Schaffer, President of Wadia Digital. "Whether the listener prefers an integrated player
or separate drive and decoder, their music collections will be rendered with our most advanced audio retrieval
techniques. The result is performance that moves the listener beyond their expectations of what Digital sound
can really be like."
Wadia's new 922 Decoding Computer (SRP: $33,450) continues the company's tradition of establishing new
standards for home audio reproduction. This flagship model features no fewer than six power supplies each for
digital and analog audio circuits, benefitting from Inductor Filtering and Power Factor Correction balanced power
technologies devised by Wadia.
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The components on the main decoding circuit have been upgraded, and the 922's Mono Architecture features
a whopping eight D -A converters per channel. Wadia's most powerful DigiMaster™ 1.4 Up -sampling algorithm
provides an astonishing 2.8224MHz data rate with 26 -bit resolution from a standard CD, resulting in nuance and
detail that will delight the listener. Simply put, Wadia's 922 Decoding Computer re -defines what is possible
from digital audio sources.
The new Wadia 381 CD player (SRP: $6,950) offers the same features and performance as Wadia's extraordinary
581se CD Player, minus SACD playback capability, at a more accessible retail price. Both models feature Wadia's
DigiMaster™ 2.5 Up -sampling Algorithm, which yields a remarkable 1.4112MHz Data Rate from conventional
Red Book CDs. This surfeit of usable audio data yields exciting new subtleties from the CD format, making any
collection sound new again.
The 381 features Wadia's latest SwiftCurrent™ 3 Discreet (SC -3D) current -to -voltage conversion technology
which utilizes a zero feedback scheme for complete coherence and accuracy throughout the signal chain.
Wadia's Direct -Connect™ provides the 381 with flawless digital volume control, and timing inconsistencies are
eliminated by way of Wadia's ClockLink™ jitter reduction system.
For listeners that prefer CD separates, Wadia's new high performance 571 CD Transport (SRP: $7,950) features
a patented clamping technology for the utmost in stability and precision with disc playback. It offers resolution
enhancement that produces a 24 bit signal to the Decoding Computer for Wadia's storied digital audio retrieval.
Multiple outputs ensure compatibility through ST and TOSLINK fiber optic connections, as well as BNC connectors
for SPDIF signals and XLR ports for AES/EBU gear. Combined with any of Wadia's Decoding Computers, the 571
provides unparalleled musical performance from CD collections.
Wadia Digital's 922 Decoding Computer, 381 CD Player and 571 CD Transport will ship in March 2009, and will
be available at select high -end audio specialists and the Wadia Digital web site - www.wadia.com.
1 5 5 6 W o o d l a n d D r i v e . S a l i n e . M I 4 8 1 7 6 U S A . 7 3 4 . 7 8 6 . 9 6 1 1 . w w w . w a d i a . c o m
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About Wadia Digital, Inc.
Founded in 1988, Wadia Digital (www.wadia.com) is one of the foremost high -end audio companies dedicated
to the development of digital audio products. Wadia innovations have shaped and defined digital audio processing
and conversion for the high performance consumer electronics industry. Wadia designs are born of a delicate
balance of technology shaped by a passion for music. This combination of technical skill and understanding of
musical enjoyment has allowed Wadia to produce superior digital playback components for over 20 years. For
further information, product loans, and interviews with company executives, contact Adam Sohmer; Sohmer
Associates, LLC; 718 -499 -9161, adam@sohmerassoc.com.

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