Cloud computing power conditioner

PS Audio revolutionizes control and protection in one product with its PowerPlay line of AC power conditioning products. Control anything in a home theater system with the PowerPlay through PS Audio's Global Net server, built using an internet Cloud

December 27, 2008

Boulder Colorado

PS Audio, the leader in innovative AC power products for Consumer Electronics is now shipping the world's first Cloud Computing based line of power conditioners.

PowerPlay, first introduced at the 2008 CEDIA Exposition, is the first and only web controlled power conditioner to utilize Cloud Computing for access and control.

"Cloud Computing represents a major paradigm shift in control and communication over the internet," suggests Paul McGowan, CEO of PS Audio. "In time it will create one of the most significant market opportunities for CE since the explosive growth of the Internet itself."

McGowan continues: "The main advantage of PowerPlay's Cloud Computing configuration is a way to communicate without a fixed web address and the ability to increase capacity or add capabilities on the fly without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel, or licensing new software."

The web interface requires no setup or software installation. "The robust nature of the Cloud enables the PowerPlay system to provide a control bridge that connects equipment in custom installations to the dealer/installer through an astonishingly simple web interface. You won't have to bother with IP addresses or software downloads at all."

The interface recognizes a new PowerPlay 9000 in less than 30 seconds after the internet connection is established.

PowerPlay's growing list of control features include
• Multiple IR commands
• Hard reboot by zone
• Ping based auto reboot for modems
• Assignable priority for battery backup
• Scheduled green vacation time
• Power on/off, email notification of events
• Hourly power line conditions and event logging.

Instead of the classic client -to -client approach based on the power conditioner's internal web page (which would be accessed through a specific web address), Cloud Computing places all the control, software and access in a network "cloud" accessible from anywhere in the world through a secure dealer website.

In this new model, any client can access any equipment anywhere in the world without a static IP or even knowledge of the location. All that is required of the dealer or installer to gain control is the name of the customer. The equipment can move from location to location without notification and the Cloud will maintain constant access and control.

"The secret lies in the Cloud itself," McGowan explains. "The remotely located PowerPlay unit and the dealer/installer access each other through the Cloud as intermediary. The Cloud supplies the growing number of applications and control software to the equipment as well as keeps track of the PowerPlay's location and provides access to it from any web client anywhere in the world."

PS Audio will be demonstrating the PowerPlay line of AC conditioners and UPS at the CES, January 8 - 11 at suite 29 -136 at the Venetian Towers.

For more information about products, pricing and access for reviews, contact Ryan Conway or by phone at 720.406.8946

Photos of the products can be downloaded here:

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