Asheridge Communications, the specialist provider of home AV solutions, has announced a UK distribution deal with leading US cable manufacturer, Ethereal Home Theater. The new partnership will see Asheridge providing consumers with this premium brand

"HDMI presents a number of important challenges with HDMI cabling, connectors and access to the right testing equipment are at the heart of many of these issues" explains Kevin Swanton, Sales Director at Asheridge. "By bringing the high quality Ethereal brand of proven, DPL rated solutions to the UK, we will be able to offer products which successfully address these issues, backed up by the high standards of service and support characteristic of Asheridge. It's a win -win combination that will give homeowners the opportunity to embrace HDMI and its benefits with real confidence".

The Ethereal Home Theatre range includes an extensive choice in HDMI cables, featuring the Platinum and Silver range with the added capability to deliver HDMI over Cat 5 and Coax.

At the top of the range is the Platinum Series PL -HDM2. These are designed to enable full delivery of the upcoming 1440p resolution and effectively carry more data across their conductors than any previous HDMI cable, producing an extremely clear eye pattern. The PL -HDM2 has twice the amount of silver content as Ethereal's EXS Silver Series HDMI cable.

EXS Silver Series HDMI cables incorporate solid technology that delivers the full visual impact of HDTV. Available in 2 -, 4 - and 6 -metre lengths, it is manufactured to standards exceeding those of HDMI LLC 1.3 and Simplay Labs, the world's leading HDMI testing program, which is open to all manufacturers of consumer electronics devices implementing HDMI/HDCP. Both Platinum and Silver Series cables feature PCOCC (Pure Copper Ohno Continuing Casting) conductors, which improves performance because of their low electric resistance and high conductivity. PCOCC is mono -crystal copper that distorts the signal far less that OFC copper, and results in significantly less signal loss.

HDMI/COAX is also available in the Ethereal range which sends an HDMI signal through a five -conductor coaxial cable at distances of more than 300 feet. Meanwhile, the
HDMI -CAT5D System provides an efficient, economical solution to running HDMI signals over long distances by converting the HDMI cable to CAT5/6, then back into an HDMI cable at the display. Asheridge will also be supplying the UK market with a full range of HDMI testing devices and diagnostic equipment to guarantee the performance of the HDMI cabling selected.

The Ethereal Cable range from Asheridge provides an unparalleled, high performance, speed entertainment solution for high definition TV and home cinema enthusiasts. Ethereal cables are the only range supplied into the UK market which complies with the US based Digital Performance Level (DPL) rating program. The DPL rating program is designed specifically to provide manufacturers, retailers and homeowners with a mechanism to judge the level of performance for each HDMI product over and above the HDMI compliance minimums. For more information, visit

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