The GameOn™ video gaming storage system™ solves gamers organizational problems with an all-in-one solution. The wall-mounted storage system supports today's hottest video game consoles, software and accessories to free up gaming clutter.

The GameOn™ video gaming storage system™ by Cambre Products solves gamers organizational problems with an all -in -one solution. The wall -mounted storage system supports today's hottest video game consoles, software and accessories to maximize wall space and free -up clutter on the floor.

Everything gamers need is easily accessible in one central location. The upper shelf stores games and software while the four side support brackets organize up to four hand controls and guitar accessories.
The market has exploded with no end in sight for potential new gaming accessories. Cambre saw a need to help support and organize gamers by offering a product that would solve gaming clutter.
"I needed an organizational solution in my own home for my kids growing gaming and accessories collection," says John Wiebe, GameOn™ designer and Cambre president. "Gaming should be about having fun, not worrying about tripping over wires, looking for the missing hand control or searching through clutter for the game you want to play." The GameOn video gaming storage system is truly an all -in -one solution.
Cambre researched the need by reading gaming blogs, meeting and interviewing gamers of all levels, and obtaining solid data from sources linked to the top console manufacturers.
GameOn is appealing to both the parents of the younger gamer as well as the adult gamer. Safety features include; ventilation for the gaming consoles, durable construction and weight load testing for wall -mounting, as well as safety certified lead -free paint.
GameOn is available in black, white, green, blue, red and yellow at various retail locations across Canada. Please visit the web site for a complete listing.
Additional products to the line will be released just in time for the holiday season and offer extra storage, wire management and customization features.
For more information please visit or contact Maryellen Salter 401.219.8881 for press inquiries.

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