Agent 18 Announces Protection for Apple's iPod

New EcoShield, FlowerVest, ClearSheild for Touch 2G

Los Angeles, Calif. - (November 20, 2008) - Agent 18, designers of the world's most innovative protection products for music devices, laptops and other electronic accessories, today announced their iPod® touch 2G case line. With new iPod touch 2G cases in the popular styles of EcoShield, ClearShield and FlowerVest, Agent 18 has yet again created iPod cases that add aesthetic appeal while still providing premium protection.

Touch EcoShield 2G
EcoShield is made of a scratch resistant hard -plastic derived from recycled plastic bottles. Even the packaging the EcoShield comes in is made from recycled materials. The EcoShield 2G case also features interior pads that protect the iPod touch from being scratched. The Touch EcoShield 2G has a MSRP of $24.95

• Thin and lightweight hardshell Eco plastic
• Silicon cushioned pads offer additional protection
• Easy access to all connectors and buttons
• Includes dock adapter for easy docking in any universal docking device
• Available in black, pink and purple

Touch ClearShield 2G
The iPod touch ClearShield delivers the promise of premium protection. Although it may look invisible, this new shield will leave your iPod touch fully protected. This case features interior rubber pads, a hard outside shell and openings for all ports and connectors. The Touch ClearShield 2G has a MSRP of $24.95

• Clear and durable plastic construction
• Easy access to all connectors and touch screens
• Docks in any universal docking device.

Touch FlowerVest 2G
A lightweight option for coverage, this soft silicone case molds to your iPod touch and offers stylish protection. FlowerVest shields from scratches and falls with its bounce back design, while still leaving access to all ports. The second generation Touch FlowerVest cases come in new colors: purple with light purple flowers and blue with light blue flowers. The Touch FlowerVest 2G has a MSRP of $24.95

• Soft silicon slip -on case
• Fun flower design, available in two colors
• Access to all connectors and touch screen
• Available in purple with light purple flowers and blue with light blue flowers

Agent 18 cases for iPod touch 2G are available at Apple Stores and online at

To request additional information or images of Agent 18's touch 2G cases, please contact PR Representative Brian Metcalf at (305) 576 -1171 x11 For more information on Agent 18 or Agent 18's complete product line, please visit

About Agent 18
Founded in 2003, Agent 18 specializes in designing the world's most innovative protection products for music devices, laptops and other electronic accessories. Agent 18's designs originate from a small and extremely passionate team of individuals who personally test each design. Agent 18 prides itself on originating many of the design elements that are prevalent in most of today's electronic protection products, including the first coin slot for opening iPod cases, cases that allow iPod to be docked and cases that are made from recycled materials. For additional information on all Agent 18 products, please visit us online at

Media Contact:

Brian Metcalf
Max Borges Agency
(305) 576 -1171 x 11

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