The Invictus Wine Group V3 Wine Cellar Management System's advanced technology and elegant design easily manages multiple cellars with a single unit. Get the premier cellar management systems at special holiday pricing.

Blending Elegance with Technology, a single V3 Wine Cellar Management system manages multiple cellars with no additional hardware or software required. The V3 system provides unmatched cellar management without detracting from your cellar. With V3 system you can easily manage your wines and enjoy your cellar instead of hunting for missing wines.

The V3 system tracks each bottle from acquisition to consumption or sale with easy reporting of cellar contents, consumption patterns and drink -by -dates. Adding wine is simplified with a preloaded database with more than 5,600 producers. All major wine producing regions are represented. To add wines to your cellar inventory, simply scan the wine producer's barcode that preloads the available data for you. If the producer barcode is not in the system, it will be added with the wine for future use. V3 system assigns a unique barcode to every wine bottle entered, which allows bottles to be removed, added or transferred between cellars by simply scanning a barcode.

The V3 system is designed to save you time by eliminating duplicate entry of wine information. You can add wines to your collection by scanning a producer barcode, scanning the unique barcode of a like bottle from your cellar, use the history record of a previously consumed wine or manually enter the data.

The V3 system allows you to add your Tasting Notes whether or not the wine is in your cellar inventory. When you add a wine, it automatically associates the wine and the note. You can add multiple notes for every wine from multiple note sources.

A variety of cellar inventory reports are provided in PDF format including the Comprehensive Inventory Report [insurance report] and Drink - by -Date report. The Drink -by -Date report allows you to take control of your collection and eliminate the risk of finding wines past their prime. You are in control and can plan to consume your wines at their peak with no guesswork. You choose the drink by date authority and can change it if desired.

The V3 Wine Cellar Management System is an All -in -One integrated system with a 17" flat panel touch screen display - Just under 4 inches in depth - that can be wall mounted to save counter space. The built -in network connectivity allows access to your collection from browser capable systems on your network or home automation system.

• V3 -BASIC manages two cellars of 50,000 bottles each. It includes a wireless keyboard and mouse, a barcode scanner and barcode printer. Special Holiday price - $5,625.

• V3 -PLUS manages four cellars of 50,000 bottles each. It includes a wireless keyboard and mouse, a barcode scanner and barcode printer. Special Holiday price - $6,750.

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