Introducing GruvMe: First Digital Service to Bring Music, Video, Games, TV Together Now Available

M3X Media Helps You Get Your Gruv on with GruvMe

Introducing GruvMe: First Digital Service to Bring Music, Video, Games, TV Together Now Available

Single Platform for Any Digital Device Provides Anytime, Any Place Entertainment

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21 Day Free Trial Offered

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Nov. 19 /PRNewswire/ - - Today people can say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple Web sites, accounts and devices for downloading and enjoying most forms of digital entertainment. M3X Media, Inc., a mobile multimedia technology company, has launched its unique GruvMe service, a brand new approach to online entertainment in an entirely new way that's fun and fantastic for everyone. GruvMe can be accessed at

"The unique GruvMe portal is the product of a team of highly talented technologists who had a single yet remarkable goal: Make on -the -go digital entertainment a more complete yet entirely simpler experience," said Jim Devericks, M3X's Founding Chairman and CEO. "It's about anytime, any place entertainment in just about any digital form: music, videos, games and television."

One of the most exciting features of GruvMe is its ability to turn any type of personal digital device into a mobile entertainment center - whether it's a cell phone, BlackBerry, mp3 player, iPod, PS3 or Wii.

To let people see - and hear - for themselves all that GruvMe is, a 21 day free trial offer is available with the launch of the GruvMe service.

Along with providing digital entertainment, GruvMe serves as an online community for music, video, gaming or TV fans who can gather at the site to share their experiences. In addition, GruvMe encourages the uploading of consumer -generated content for sharing, comparing or selling.

According to Mr. Devericks, "GruvMe knows people like their entertainment in large doses." That is why, instead of a costly per song, video or game pricing arrangement, GruvMe charges the lowest monthly subscription currently available - $9.95 - for all the music, music videos and games someone may want. An exciting TV option, offering favorite broadcast and cable programs will soon be available, initially in Florida, Georgia and Tennessee.

GruvMe has a growing music library of four million+ songs - from the newest indie bands to all -time favorites - plus more than 4,500 music video choices and over 1,100 games. The collections are growing daily.

About M3X Media

M3X Media is a cutting -edge digital entertainment, multimedia company and custom multimedia service with its core focus on portable multimedia solutions. Its world -class team of hardware and software developers is at the forefront of the next generation in software, multimedia portals and media security solutions.

M3X Media's software allows for the secure download, storage and enhanced playback options for personal media (music, video, games and TV programming). The company takes portable media storage to the next level by focusing on integrating its own proprietary software based on Linux and Windows Mobile 5 and 6 by offering various manufacturers the option of licensing its technology for their portable media devices. M3XMedia is headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida.

M3X and GruvMe are trademarks of M3X Media, Inc. Other marks belong to their respective owners.


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