e -home Increases Efficiency and Improves Inter -department Communication and Documentation Issues with ePonti

ePonti efficiently integrated two applications, D-Tools and QuickBooks. e-home is now able to communicate more effectively and work more productively saving over $28,000 a year.

Need for a Cohesive Business

e -home is based out of New Jersey with 17 employees and specializes in easy to use home, theaters, distributed audio/video, security, lighting systems, control systems and complete home automation.

Prior to selecting ePonti, e -home was managing their project and procurement process through the creation of multiple program documents, emails and phone calls. The project teams were using D -Tools, Excel, Word, Outlook and QuickBooks for their estimating, planning and procurement needs, but there was a need for a structured, collaborative environment and a standard project and procurement management process. Team members would update themselves on project and procurement data with multiple communications. This was obviously quite cumbersome as team members found it difficult to keep up with the information that was updated. As a result, there was a lot of wasted time and inconsistencies in the project reporting and purchasing data.

In 2008, e -home decided to streamline their project and procurement management processes across the company. At that time, various project teams were working independently and there wasn't a standard methodology present. The company craved visibility into various ongoing projects and project teams felt the need for a collaborative solution to help them plan, execute and, most importantly, communicate with each other.


ePonti efficiently integrated two applications, D -Tools and QuickBooks and gave others in the company who did not have these programs access to this information. With ePonti, there is visibility into projects and procurement data that didn't exist before. "Being able to see project information has impacted the company in a significant way," says Buzzerio. Before, project data was limited to users of D -Tools and QuickBooks separately - now, from a companywide perspective, all team members have access to the data they require to do their jobs. Gaining insight into different projects and activities is simple, allowing for increased communication and productivity.


The e -home production department moved from e -mail work reports to ePonti web based reporting. This change resulted in ½ hour per day saved in the administrative entry. These work reports go directly into QuickBooks time entry along with their brief report descriptions which can be added to invoices with no manual entry. Based on 240 days per year approximately $5,070.00 is saved in company time.

The employee time savings is still yet to be determined. Early estimates are around 10 minutes per day in time savings. Approximately $1,320.00 annual savings per employee. With five employees in the production department the time savings is estimated to be around $5,000.00 per year.

For e -home integrating ePonti cut Invoice entry time in half. At e -home Accounts Receivable make up approximately 10 -12 invoices per week. It is estimated that 5 per week are equipment invoices coming from ePonti, cutting invoice entry time in half from the previous method. Based on 48 work weeks per year a conservative time savings of 1 hour per invoice will save approximately $10,351.00 per year.

With ePonti the Purchase order entry time is cut in half from the previous e -mail or PDF method removing the need for duplicate entry into the accounting and engineering systems. Approximately 4 hours per week are saved at this time and roughly 80% of all orders are going through ePonti. Estimated annual savings based on 48 weeks is $8,112.00.

ePonti is a continual work in progress with more potential than what has been described above. Within the next few months the process will be refined resulting in greater time savings and less intercompany communication.

We chose designecentral's ePonti because we felt confident of their knowledge and experience in the industry. "Plus, no one else was doing this," says Buzzerio. These processes have improved tremendously with ePonti I look forward to adding project scheduling and we are just starting to look at time estimating with ePonti. The service was just right for us.

About ePonti

ePonti is a premier web -based Project and Procurement Management solution for the Custom Electronics System Integration Industry. The online business solution provides enterprise level control of your company's day -to -day operations for management, purchasing, staging, scheduling, resource allocation, post installation and service via an intuitive Web interface. With seamless integration to the most popular Estimating and Accounting programs in the industry ePonti has created a process that links and transfers the data between applications providing increased accuracy and efficiency. More information can be found online at www.eponti.com

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