Sleek in design, powerful in sound - The SUPERSTAR iPod® Music Centre - Artcoustic's iPod® Speaker System Sensation

Artcoustic, the world leader in modern and contemporary wall mounted high-end speaker systems, presents the SUPERSTAR iPod® Music Centre.

This all in one high -end amplified stereo speaker system creates flawless sound reproduction and features endless design options.

Expanding the Artcoustic award winning speaker range, the SUPERSTAR incorporates state -of -the -art technology while maintaining Artcoustic's signature clean, elegant lines. The SUPERSTAR is the embodiment of Artcoustic's wealth of experience and know -how in speaker design and is beautifully implemented in this all in one unit. Artcoustic uses the same technologies developed for their high end speaker range applying them exclusively to an iPod® compatible system delivering detail and atmosphere that standard docking stations miss. With the sleek and elegant SUPERSTAR your music will sound amazing every time you play it, hearing every detail as the recording artist intended, combined with the ease of use of your iPod®, this system performs like no other iPod® dock. This new system establishes a new benchmark in design, technology integration and performance.

Design - Form flows with function

Artcoustic understand that speakers should be as good looking as the interior design and furniture in a project. Speakers are often unattractive and functional but the SUPERSTAR, with its unique interchangeable screen system ensures that it will complement any interior. This gives you the freedom to choose the look of the front of the speaker, to personalise your SUPERSTAR then change it whenever you like! The SUPERSTAR is extremely powerful and dynamic, whilst maintaining clarity and accuracy, integrating beautifully both in terms of performance and the interior design of the room.
Technology: Sound Acoustic Principles
With the Artcoustic ultra -wide -axis Target lens technology, the Artcoustic SUPERSTAR provides the listener with near perfect acoustics even in the most demanding listening environment. Coupled with the advanced Artcoustic X2 subwoofer technology, the listener will experience powerful and detailed sound, normally only achieved by a much bigger and complex system. The PA -260 incorporated amplifier performs smoothly and accurately even in the most demanding conditions. The PA -260 is matched to all the SUPERSTAR'S impedance and tonality and offers incredible 2 channel performance supporting high performance and silent running dual fan speed cooling system.

Simplicity and Compatibility:
The SUPERSTAR is simple to set up and use. Simply plug in it the system, connect your iPod® and play. The system is compatible with any digital source for example iPod®, iPhone®, Airport Express®, Sonos®, Squeeze Box®, Bose®, B & O®, and can be used as a stand alone system or combined with a multi room system.
Artcoustic has produced some of the best loudspeakers in the world. The company is at the forefront of technological innovations to bring you the best audio solutions possible. The SUPERSTAR is the first of its kind and is an icon of Artcoustic's innovative product development.

About Artcoustic

Founded in 1998, Artcoustic is world renowned for its range of high -end performance wall mounted speakers that feature interchangeable screens that allows one to choose from a vast array of fabrics and decorative prints to suit the interior. The superior product range has been awarded for its groundbreaking designs and is sold worldwide. The speakers are designed by Danish duo Kim Donvig and Patricia Ljungberg. Going back to the roots of Danish loudspeaker design, Artcoustic has transformed the way sound and speakers can enhance the atmosphere and interior. The Artcoustic loudspeaker has effectively erased the distinction between a loudspeaker and furnishing, yet remains true to the intended purpose: Superb reproduction of sound. Visit their website:

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