Vutec Corporation (, a world leader in video projection screen technology, announced the development of a major advancement in SoundScreen, the award-winning acoustically transparent screen.

[Pompano Beach, FL - October 1, 2008] - Vutec Corporation (, a world leader in video projection screen technology, announced the development of a major advancement in SoundScreen, the award -winning acoustically transparent screen.

The new SoundScreen was on view at CEDIA in Denver from September 4 thru 7.

"In the development of acoustically transparent fabrics for the screen, where speakers are placed behind the screen, the best "SoundScreen" has just gotten better," said Howard Sinkoff, Vutec's President. "Vutec has developed the ultimate advancement to the SoundScreen with a weave that eliminates moiré automatically," said Sinkoff. "The material is a new durable vinyl coated woven fabric that hangs flat, is curl free and eliminates the need for tab tensioning," added the Vutec chief.

Testing at Vutec has determined that weaves are superior to perforated fabrics, which can impede sound transmission and attenuates higher frequencies. The new SoundScreen can be compared to high quality speaker cloth.

The new SoundScreen eliminates any potential moiré effect, and transmits sound to its maximum quality.

Vutec's decision to improve the structure of the SoundScreen fabric was also based on the newer projection technologies - the 1080P high definition projectors and the Blu Ray - where the new SoundScreen eliminates any possible moiré effect.

The new SoundScreen weave reflects more brightness with an improved design and reflective coating and less light loss. Additionally, the texture of the fabric becomes invisible.

All self -supported fabric screen products that Vutec offers are available with SoundScreen, for both Vutec and Vision X products. The SoundScreen fabric is also available with all masking units.

In the world of video projection screen technology, Vutec's story has been one of innovation. From the creation of the original Nova curved screens of the 1970's to SilverStar™, Vutec's revolutionary high -definition screens with a gain of 6.0, to ArtScreen™, a motorized art concealment system that quietly raises or lowers an elegant work of art over a Plasma or LCD TV, Vutec has always been on the cutting edge of progress in the screen industry.

contact: Mike Schwager
Vutec Corporation
954 -545 -9000

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