DirectConnect® comments on earning CustomRetailer EXC!TE Award at CEDIA 2008 and achieving Perfect "5" rating from DPL Labs.

DirectConnect® announces receipt of the prestigious CustomRetailer's EXC!TE Award during CEDIA 2008 for its highly anticipated HDMI-A-0.5MB cable, which has also earned the highest-possible rating of 5 from DPL Labs' testing and certification program


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Editorial Contact: Michael F. Jorewicz / DirectConnect® Product Manager / 281 -660 -3925

DirectConnect® comments on earning CustomRetailer EXC!TE Award at CEDIA 2008 and achieving Perfect 5 rating from DPL Labs

Houston, TX, September 17, 2008 - DirectConnect® is well on its way to assuring customers and installers that the HDMI™ products they purchase meet significant performance standards at great value and quality.
Since 1996, DirectConnect® has produced innovative custom installation solutions at a value and quality that meets the custom industry's multiple needs. During CEDIA in Denver on September 4th at CustomRetailer's EXC!TE Award Party to honor the 2008 EXC!TE Award recipients, Product Manager Michael Jorewicz was presented a 2008 EXC!TE Award for DirectConnect's HDMI -A -0.5MB cable. Michael was instrumental in specifying and monitoring quality control in the manufacturing process of DirectConnect's line of HDMI™ cables - including the specific eight HDMI™ models recently rated by DPL Labs' testing and certification program. DirectConnect's manufacturing excellence on these eight HDMI™ 1080P/60Hz/165Hz -class cables has been validated through DPL Labs' demanding testing regime in which all models submitted received DPL's seal of approval. One model earned the distinction of being the first product to earn DPL's highest (best) rating of "5." This same "Perfect 5" HDMI Cable was also honored by CustomRetailer for the 2008 EXC!TE Award. "We are extremely honored to have received the Excite Award this year from CustomRetailer," said Michael Jorewicz, DirectConnect® Product Manager, "It's gratifying to be recognized by one of the premier publications in the industry."
DPL Labs President Jeffery Boccaccio said, "DirectConnect® has demonstrated that they are truly committed to producing a high -quality digital connection for their customers." DirectConnect® also manufactures patented and patent -pending products, HDMI™ products, wall plates, splitters, distribution panels, and a host of other valuable solutions and applications that address custom installation needs.
About DirectConnect®
Since 1996, DirectConnect® has been a leading manufacturer of products and solutions designed specifically for the custom integration industry, specializing in the installation of sophisticated audio, video, security, telecom, and data networking systems. Based in Houston, DirectConnect® offers a wide range of electronic and installation products, allowing installers to find the perfect solution to whatever installation challenge they may encounter on the job site.
Information about DirectConnect® is available at or by calling 800 -531 -3224. Any inquiries regarding DirectConnect® 1080P HDMI Cables can be directed to Michael F. Jorewicz, Product Manager at DirectConnect®, at 800 -531 -3224 /

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