Revolution Signature brings Tannoy's world renowned musical excellence to a loudspeaker range of unrivalled elegance.

Revolution Signature brings Tannoy's world renowned musical excellence to a loudspeaker range of unrivalled elegance. Catering for audiophiles that demand both outstanding performance and sumptuous good looks, Revolution Signature is the first in a new wave of loudspeaker designs for the audio connoisseur.

Revolution Signature unites Tannoy's highly regarded Dual Concentric™ driver technology with a radically new ultra -rigid curved -wall cabinet that eliminates standing wave colouration. Each cabinet is offered in Light Oak or dark Espresso real wood veneers, hand finished to exacting standards synonymous with bespoke cabinetry. Magnetic grille mounts are installed below the veneer to ensure a graceful and uncluttered appearance on the front baffle and the sumptuous brushed metal trims and sculpted ports are mounted with concealed fixings to further enhance the smooth appearance. The Revolution Signature's slim profile and compact footprint offers seamless cosmetic integration with a variety of decor - from the traditional to ultra contemporary.

The new series comprises floor standing, stand -mount and dedicated centre -channel models with voice -matched 4 inch and 6 inch Dual Concentric™ drivers implemented across the range. Tannoy's Dual Concentric™ drivers have long been respected for their musical coherence and sheer visceral impact. By placing the WideBand™ titanium tweeter at the heart of the rigid multi -fibre bass cone, the driver offers true point -source musical integrity and exceptional instrumental and vocal accuracy. Rigid die -cast driver chassis and multi -point fixings further enhance the Revolution Signature's spacious and dynamic sound.

Providing perfect integration of the driver elements, the carefully designed crossover network uses low loss, laminated core inductors and audiophile -grade polypropylene capacitors throughout. Careful consideration has been given to the precise layout of the crossover in order to minimise inter -component coupling and it is positioned well away from the driver to avoid any detrimental magnetic field effects. Top quality silver -plated oxygen free copper internal wiring is used exclusively for complete signal path integrity. This no compromise approach ensures the best possible musical integration and coherence across the audio band.

Borrowing technology from the high -end Prestige Series, Revolution Signature incorporates Tannoy's unique fifth speaker terminal in addition to a bi -wire pair. This electrically earths the driver chassis to dramatically reduce radio frequency interference circulating in the hi -fi system. Eliminating this RF 'noise' brings substantial improvements in mid -range clarity and further enhances the soundstage imaging.

From the compact stand -mount DC4 to the imposing yet elegant DC6T floor standing model, Revolution Signature is designed to enhance the listener's living environment both visually and acoustically. Suitable for all two channel music systems as stereo pairs, the additional horizontally -orientated DC4LCR or DC6LCR models allow the Revolution Signature range to be configured as a sumptuous multi -channel system with class -leading dynamics, power handling and efficiency.

The Revolution Signature series is available now from all official Tannoy retailers.

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