RTcom USA Launches Signal Converter that Allows Users to Enjoy HDMI Content on a DVI Display

New Digital Extender HDC Converter Provides Cost-Effective Solution for DVI Display Users to View Full HD Content

Denver - (September 4, 2008) - RTcom USA Inc., provider of digital connectivity solutions for professional and consumer audio -visual and personal computer systems, is pleased to announce to the custom electronic installations industry the revolutionary Digital Extender HDC converter, an HDMI -to -DVI signal converter. The HDC allows installers to use their dated DVI displays to show new HDMI content.

Once the compact HDC converter is installed, DVI displays - which are commonly used by consumer and professionals AV installers alike - can easily transmit signals from any full HD source, including Blu -Ray players or gaming consoles.

Among its top features, RTcom USA's HDC enables HDMI distributor devices and matrixes to be compatible with both HDMI displays and DVI displays at the same time. This unique benefit of the HDC overcomes the limitations of HDMI/DVI compatibility and will help installers expand their applications.

The RTcom USA HDC converter breaks the HDMI signal into DVI video and digital audio signals, where traditional HDMI -to -DVI adapters send out only the video signal. With the HDC, users can now enjoy not only video, but the audio signal, too.

Like other RTcom USA products, the HDC is also HDCP (High bandwidth Digital Content Protection) compliant, which ensures DVI displays can show HDCP -compliant signals and content as well as non -HDCP compliant signals and content.

"A major goal in developing the HDC converter was to create a seamless integration between outdated DVI displays and state -of -the -art HDMI source devices", said Joon Ryu, president of RTcom USA. "This converter easily allows those with DVI devices to be able to receive full 1080 HD content without having to upgrade their entire systems."

Among the HDC's other features are:
•Data transmission speed: 2.25 Gbps (Single Link)
•Digital Video Bandwidth: 25~165 Mhz
•Resolution: Up to WUXGA (1920*1200) 480P~1080i/P
•Input/output signal standard: Digital RGB, TMDS
•Input connector type: HDMI Female 19P
•Output connector type: DVI -D Female 29P / RCA JACK
•Power consumption: 5 Watts Max.
•Power supply: DC 5V, 2A

The HDC is available now at an MSRP of $249. Customers in U.S. can purchase the products through Aurora Multimedia at (732) 591 -5800 or sales@auroramultimedia.com, and international customers can purchase it directly from RTcom USA at (973) 383 -4878 or rtcomusa@earthlink.net.

About RTcom USA

RTcom USA Inc., headquartered in Sparta, N.J., is a leading manufacturer of professional digital A/V and PC connectivity products in the digital connectivity market. As an industry pioneer, RTcom USA works closely with the major international standards -setting bodies to develop and tailor its products for the needs of system integrators, home theater consumers and A/V equipment manufacturers. The company's products, sold under the Digital Extender® brand, include fiber optic DVI/HDMI extension systems, HDTV switchers, distribution amplifiers, matrix routers, signal converters, digital cables and adapters. Since its founding in 2001, RTcom USA has maintained manufacturing and R&D facilities in the U.S. and Korea. Visit www.digitalextender.com for more information.

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