GAO Tek Inc. Introduces Precision LCR Meter

GAO Tek Inc. has added a Precision LCR Meter, model # GAO2782, to its line of electronic test and measurement instruments.

Toronto, ON - GAO Tek Inc. has added a Precision LCR Meter, model # GAO2782, to its line of electronic test and measurement instruments.

This Precision LCR Meter can measure impedance parameters including inductance (L), capacitance (C) and resistance (R) with a 0.1% accuracy among other things.
The meter can measure frequency ranges of 75kHz - 30MHz with a resolution of 100Hz. Signal level range is 5mV - 2V. The LCR meter's effective measurement range for impedance is 0.01Ω -10MΩ, for capacitance is 0.1pF - 100μF and for inductance is 0.1nH - 100mH.
Other measurable parameters for this LCR meter include dissipation factor, quality factor, conductance, reactance, susceptance and phase angle. The current range of the configurable DC bias current source is 0 -10A. It supports various configurable test fixtures such as slot -type, alligator -type and SMD -type. Optional clip configurations include slot clip, crocodile clip, and SMD clip.

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