Digital Projection International (DPI) recently announced important product additions to their all-DLP® projector lineup, as well as a program that assures rapid availability of their most popular displays.

ATLANTA, GA (September 3, 2008) - Digital Projection International (DPI), an Emmy® Award -winning manufacturer of high -performance projection systems, recently announced important product additions to their all -DLP® projector lineup, as well as a program that assures rapid availability of their most popular displays.

Appropriate and ambitious product line expansion has been a company focus in 2008, having launched eight new precision displays within its single -chip and 3 -chip product lines in the last four months alone. Steady growth achieved through a dynamic, best -in -class product range supported by exceptional customer services has always been integral to DPI's philosophy, and the recent product additions demonstrate the natural evolution of that plan.

DPI's decade -long commitment to providing precision displays for the most demanding applications across a diverse array of markets has resulted in an extensive all -DLP® product line. A few examples of the company's recently launched displays include:
- TITAN and LIGHTNING Ultra Contrast displays, delivering up to 5000:1 contrast, exemplary dark area detail and saturated, vivid colors.
- iVision 30 and dVision 30 WUXGA displays, presenting a 16:10 aspect ratio and capabilities of displaying full 1080p video with no scaling required.
- TITAN 700 Series displays, a natural extension of the popular 600 Series, with major enhancements including higher brightness, standard HD -SDI input connectivity, longer -life HID lamps and improved rigging flexibility

With over 65 product variations now available, plus brand -new large screen residential display solutions being introduced in September at CEDIA 2008, Digital Projection is uniquely equipped to provide projectors that best address every application's display requirements.

Even within such a vast array of precision displays, core models within Digital Projection's lineup are more adaptable for a wider variety of applications than other more specialized products. In order to enhance customer access to these more popular displays, DPI has introduced the QuickShip>> designation. Projectors with this designation are generally held in DP inventory, typically available to ship within days. DPI offers more than a dozen QuickShip>> models, each selected based on current application trends and historical demand. Digital Projection estimates that more than 80% of their customer's applications can be best served by one of the QuickShip>> products.

DPI's commitment to their innovative, reliable and dynamic projection displays is manifest by the continuing investments being made throughout the company. CEDIA 2008 in Denver, Colorado, will be yet another opportunity to see DPI's innovation, as the company introduces brand -new large screen residential display solutions. Experience DPI's CEDIA exhibition at booth number 1036.

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