iMuse to Debut Blu -ray support at CEDIA 2008.

iMuse Electronics will launch a Blu-ray compatible media server at CEDIA 2008, as all eyes are seeking high definition.

iMuse to Debut Blu -ray support at CEDIA 2008

Colorado Springs, Colorado, August 19, 2008 - -iMuse Electronics will launch a Blu -ray compatible media server at CEDIA 2008, as all eyes are seeking high definition.

Consumer demand for high definition has been growing ever since iMuse unveiled its prototype of an HD DVD/Blu -ray Disc triple format player at CEDIA 2007. With the fall of HD DVD, iMuse has decided to abandon the triple -format player, and will instead focus on Blu -ray support. As always, iMuse is providing its customers with the latest available technology.

Most customers can overlook Blu -ray's smaller library of movies and higher pricing because of the native 1080p resolution available. In fact, market research notes that the success of Blu -ray will not depend on delaying on -line rental services, but more on whether or not customers will be able to see a big difference between Blu -ray movies and standard DVD movies.

The jury is still out as to whether or not the general public can see a substantial difference between a Blu -ray movie and a well scaled standard DVD movie. Hopefully, Blu -ray Disc won't follow the path of products like MiniDiscs and LaserDiscs; both innovative technologies that never found wide consumer appeal.

As it stands, iMuse has decided to keep standard DVD iMuse players available after its Blu -ray launch, to ensure that those who do not want to jump on the Blu -ray bandwagon will always have a dynamic solution that meets their needs.
iMuse will debut this new technology at CEDIA 2008 from September 3 -7, at booth, #190. After trying out the iMuse Entertainment System, people definitely agree, home entertainment has evolved.

About iMuse Electronics, Inc.:
iMuse Electronics, Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of high -performance audio and video media servers. The company specializes in simplifying and enhancing a customer's entertainment experience, streaming movies and music on -demand. The company is based in Colorado Springs, CO, and may be contacted via or by phone at (800) 709 -5459.


Bill Duncan, CEO
iMuse Electronics, Inc.
(800) 709 -5459


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