PhoneFactor 2.1 by Positive Networks Enables Instant, Enterprise -Wide Deployment of Critical Two -Factor Authentication

Enhanced Phone-Based Service Helps Fight Escalating Threats to Corporate Networks Before They Happen

PhoneFactor 2.1 by Positive Networks Enables Instant, Enterprise -Wide Deployment of Critical Two -Factor Authentication

Enhanced Phone -Based Service Helps Fight Escalating Threats to Corporate Networks Before They Happen
OVERLAND PARK, KS (August 13, 2008) - Positive Networks, a leading provider of security products and services, today announced PhoneFactor 2.1, the newest version of the company's award winning, phone -based, two -factor authentication service. In an effort to combat the growing number of attacks against corporate networks, PhoneFactor 2.1 includes enhancements which enable companies to quickly deploy and easily manage two -factor authentication across their entire enterprise.
With the number of people affected by identity and data theft growing each day (40 million users were affected in the TJX data breach), the need for secure, two -factor authentication has increased significantly. Consumer advocates and regulatory agencies are pushing companies to immediately implement safeguards to protect access to customer and credit card data.
PhoneFactor 2.1 allows companies to rapidly enable two -factor authentication to secure access to their corporate networks and the data which they contain. PhoneFactor adds a second layer of security - an automated phone call - to existing login processes. It works with the user's existing landline or mobile phone, so there are no devices to distribute or certificates and software to install.
"Companies are putting their own and their customer's data at risk each day that their network can be accessed using only a password," said Tim Sutton, CEO of Positive Networks. "With the complexity of deploying traditional two -factor solutions, it's easy to see why. PhoneFactor 2.1 offers a strong layer of defense against these attacks and the new features make it extremely easy to roll -out to their entire user base."
PhoneFactor 2.1, combined with other recent releases, adds the following premium features:
Directory Integration Module - Automatically enable new users for PhoneFactor and update existing users by synchronizing with an existing Active Directory or LDAP server.
User Portal Module - Enable users to complete their PhoneFactor enrollment in minutes from any web browser. Help Desk staff can use the portal to make phone and PIN changes, create a one -time bypass, and add new users.
Call Rollover - If a user can't be reached at their primary phone number (there is no answer or voice mail is detected), PhoneFactor can automatically dial the user's backup phone number.

About PhoneFactor
PhoneFactor is a simple two -factor authentication service that provides far greater security than usernames and passwords. The award -winning service can use any phone (mobile or landline) as a second form of authentication. PhoneFactor can be set up in minutes and eliminates the need for tokens, smart cards or certificates. The basic service is free with premium modules available for enterprise deployments.

About Positive Networks
Positive Networks is a leading provider of security products and services, including the award -winning PhoneFactorTM two -factor authentication and identity protection service, and the PositivePROTM remote access service. Awards include: "Best -in -Class" Service Provider by Stratecast Partners, Reader's Trust award and Excellence Award finalist for SC Magazine, AlwaysON AO100, Info Security Product Guide Product Excellence Award winner and eWeek Labs Analysts' Choice award. For more information, please call 877 -668 -6536 or visit

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