Signature Wire Debuts InCite™ Brand of DPL -Certified HDMI Cables at 2008 CEDIA Expo

Signature Wire's Product Catalog Encompasses a Broad Spectrum of Leading Wire, Cable, and Accessories, from One-Piece Connectors to the Very Latest in RGB and High-Definition Cables, and Now Includes the New InCite™ DPL-Certified HDMI™ Cables

Denver, August 12, 2008 - Signature Wire Corp. (, a leading provider of quality low voltage wire and cable for residential, commercial, security/fire, and professional A/V and lighting applications, is proud to announce that it will debut its new InCite™ brand, which includes DPL -certified HDMI™ cables, at the 2008 CEDIA Expo, held in Denver from Sept. 4 -7 at the Colorado Convention Center, booth 415.

"Signature Wire prides itself on creating wire and cable products with only the highest grade materials available, and our new InCite™ brand of DPL -certified HDMI™ cables this furthers this commitment," explained John Kelly, president of Signature Wire Corp. "There are a lot of HDMI™ cables out in the market today and most customers don't realize that there is a difference in quality from Brand A to Brand B to Brand C, and so most aren't getting what they've paid for. By having our new InCite™ HDMI™ cables certified by DPL Laboratories, we are proving to our customer base that we have gone the extra mile to provide them with the best possible product for the money on the market today."

DPL Labs created its HD Performance Testing and Certification Program to provide consumers with a simple numerical ranking for HDMI™ cable products to aid them in their selection process, according to DPL Labs. Product rankings are based on actual performance as measured by an independent laboratory against a uniform reference standard applied to all submitted products.

"Signature Wire's product catalog encompasses a broad spectrum of leading wire, cable, and accessories, from one -piece connectors to the very latest in RGB and high -definition cables," Kelly continued. "Now, with the addition of our new InCite™ -branded DPL -certified HDMI™ cables, Signature's entire product offering will maximize the time on any project because we both design our products and provide customer service second -to -none."

Features of Signature Wire's new InCite™ Gold Series HDMI cables include:
• High speed digital design
• 24 AWG TC OFC conductors with 24K gold contacts
• Black cable with mesh overlay
• (UL) CL3 -rated for in -wall use
• DPL Class B Certified
- 1080P/60
- 3 -, 6 -, 10 -, 15 -, 20 -, and 25 -foot lengths available

Signature Wire's Platinum Series HDMI cables will be tested for DPL Class C certification in Q4 2008.

Features of Signature Wire's new InCite™ Platinum Series HDMI cables include:
• Highest possible speed digital design
• 24 AWG TC OFC conductors with 24K gold contacts
• Black cable with mesh overlay
• (UL) CL3 -rated for in -wall use
• 3 -, 6 -, and 10 -foot lengths available
- expanded lengths (15 -, 20 -, 25 -, and 35 -feet) available Winter 2008

"We are pleased with the relationship we have formed with DPL," concluded Kelly. "The rankings from their certification program are the best assurance the customer has to qualify a quality cable. Comparing a cable based just on price leads to inferior audio and video attributes. Our InCite™ brand HDMI™ cables will perform better than cables costing anywhere from 30 - 200 percent more. Now, more than ever, by utilizing Signature Wire's InCite™ products for the job, our customers will be using product with the highest grade materials available and certification to prove its performance, and so they are guaranteed superb results every time."

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DPL Laboratories, Inc. of Ormond Beach, FL administers the DPL HD Performance Testing & Certification Program in which their independent laboratory tests advanced digital products, such as HDMI™ cables, against an objective performance standard and determines an accurate rating based on actual data -backed results…not marketing hype. Consumers can then use this rating to assist them in purchasing the correct product for their application. Look for the DPL performance certification seal as your assurance of quality product performance.

Manufacturers participating in the DPL program are dedicated to providing their customers with the highest possible level of performance. They are equally committed to helping reduce the level of confusion that consumers face as they try to select the proper HDMI™ product for their needs. Participating brands include Acoustic Research, Next Generation, Honeywell, Ethereal, Direct Connect, SR Components, Inc., Signature Wire Corp., Phoenix Gold, and VizionWare.

To see a continuously updated list of participating manufacturers, or to get more details on this program, see online at: or call 386/615 -2324.

About Signature Wire Corp.
Signature Wire was born in 1995 with the simple notion that listening to our customers was not only important but also crucial to the company's success. We sell with passion and extreme customer service, outstanding product selection, unequaled quality and same day shipping, all at fair, competitive prices.

Signature Wire employs the best and most talented people in the world, and resides in a 30,000 square foot warehouse in Denver, Colorado and ships all over the world. Now, Signature Wire is a leading provider of quality low voltage wire and cable for home theaters, integrators, boardrooms, broadcast, lighting control, whole house automation, distributed audio and video, sound, commercial, security & fire alarm systems.

Since Day 1 to today, our commitment to our customers is stronger than ever. We continue to listen and respond by implementing new ideas, design and launch new products for a myriad of applications and work even harder to be even more responsive to our customers' daily needs. We stock more than 2,500 items in our warehouse and whether your expertise is the residential community, home theaters, commercial boardrooms, lighting control, whole house automation, systems integration, or just plain old fashioned audio or video applications, Signature Wire has just what you're looking for.

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