Extron Expands HDMI and DVI Product Line With Over 20 New Products

Extron Electronics is pleased to announce over 20 new products for integrating HDMI and DVI sources and displays.

Anaheim, California (August 11, 2008) - Extron Electronics is pleased to announce over 20 new products for integrating HDMI and DVI sources and displays, including HDMI and DVI matrix switcher boards for the SMX System MultiMatrix, four DVI distribution amplifiers, and two scalers for converting analog RGB signals to HDMI and DVI. Extron is also introducing two new DVI Extenders over fiber optic cable, and its first products for dual link DVI applications, including an Extender and a Cable Equalizer.

"We are pleased to offer these new products to address the increasing needs of residential custom installers for reliable, integrator -friendly solutions for incorporating HDMI and DVI in their system designs," says Lee Dodson, Vice President of Marketing for Extron. "Our HDMI and DVI product line enables integrators to design and build a fully digital video pathway, maintaining pristine image quality from source to display."

Extron expands the scope of HDMI and DVI signal distribution solutions with four new DVI DAs with up to eight outputs, and the SMX HDMI Series and SMX DVI Pro Series matrix switcher boards for the SMX System MultiMatrix Modular Multi -Plane Matrix Switchers. The boards are available in 4x4, 4x8, 8x4, and 8x8 sizes, and are HDCP compliant. The RGB -HDMI 300 and RGB -DVI 300 are scalers that convert incoming analog component video or RGB signals to HDMI and DVI, respectively, with selectable output rates up to 1920x1200, including HDTV 1080p/60.

For long -haul transmission, the DVI 104 provides an effective, economical solution for extending DVI signals up to 500 meters (1,640 feet) over four fiber optic cables, while the FOXBOX 4G DVI fiber optic transmitter and receiver set sends DVI, audio, and RS -232 signals over a single fiber up to 30 km (18.75 miles). Finally, for dual link DVI applications, Extron offers the DVI DL 101, a dual link DVI cable equalizer that attaches to the end of a long DVI cable run, and automatically provides the necessary active equalization to ensure optimal image quality. The DVI DL 201 is a transmitter and receiver set for sending dual link DVI signals over three economical and integration -friendly CAT 5 -type cables. Both products extend DVI signals significantly beyond the 5 meter (15 foot) limitation for DVI cables.

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Featured Product

Octava -4K UHD Video Over LAN Matrix Switch. Video Wall Processor

Octava -4K UHD Video Over LAN Matrix Switch. Video Wall Processor

The Octava PRO DSX is a simple to use, powerful video distribution solution designed to deliver HD video including 4k UHD from multiple sources to multiple displays. The PRO DSX also functions as a Video Wall processor to create n x m video walls. The PRO DSX delivers HD video over standard CATx LAN cables allowing for simple integration in virtually any infrastructure. The PRO DSX was specifically designed for ease of use for residential installations and engineered for scalability to accommodate large video distribution systems such as education, corporate , and hospitality applications. Easy to configure and customize for your video system - Build virtually any size video matrix switch system. The Pro DSX is a scalable platform enabling easy system growth. Simply add PRO DSX TX for each video sources required and a PRO DSX-RX per display. Video Wall Support- The PRO DSX features a built-in video wall processor that enables you to create custom video walls.